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angel card readingsThe Life Review card is of particular importance right now as we near the Full Moon. As you know the Full Moon energies help us to release the old and embrace the new. It is time now to allow the releasing of all the old negative and stale energies that have kept you ‘trapped’ in your past. Allow the angels to work with you at night to gently review your life and to heal anything that is causing conflicting emotions and unbalance in your present moment. Often we feel sadness, pain, anger and other negative emotions and have no idea where they are coming from. These negative emotions are surfacing now for release. There is no need to dwell on them. Ask the Archangels and Angels to help you release and heal the past. Ask for an energy healing if you feel guided to do so. The past is done and over with and you have learned from the lesson it presented to you. It is time now to release it for your highest and best good.

All change starts with us and only once we have cleared up old negative energies and non-serving beliefs that keep us in a low vibrational energy pattern within our own lives, can we truly be of service to others.

Working with the Archangels and Angels

These loving Beings are available to us each and every day, and every hour around the clock. All you need to do to get their assistance is ask for it. They respect your free will and as such cannot interfere in your life unless you have asked for their intervention. There is nothing they cannot do for you if it is for your highest and best intention and in accordance with the will of God. They are healers, helpers, miracle workers and much more! You can talk to them as you would talk to your best and closest friend. You don’t even have to know them by name, just call upon those that are around you, and they will help you. They are filled with Divine unconditional Love for you and they await your call.

Blessings and much love!


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