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Seraphim Angels Healing Blessing ~ Surrender to Love by Saxon Knight

Surrender to love, for I AM You and You are ME

We dance in Sweet Ecstasy, joining in Love and Bliss

Galaxies and Universes vibrate in tune within the brilliance of Divine Love

Feel my arms around you

Forever in your heart

Loving, soothing, caressing

Beloved come to me, surrender to Love

Within the arms of love, you are safe

Do you still fear to surrender even though I have reached out to you so many times?

I have held you in my embrace

Whispered softly to you, shown you what love is and still you tremble at the thought

No matter what you do, or think

I wait here beloved, ready to receive you.

For you will always be my Beloved, so treasured, so cherished, so fragile, so delicate

Why is it so hard to accept divine love?

Why do you hesitate and step back into the dark?

Why are you afraid of the Light?

It calls you forward to be recognized

You have believed that your possessions and relationships are all you are

But Beloved, you are not just these things

You are not just your health

You are not just your wealth

You are not just your relationships

You are much more than this.

You are a glorious Being of Light who’s every thought, action and word affects not only yourself but all around you and into the Cosmos

Join with me Beloved and take all you are into the Light

From this place of love and grace, you expand outwards, filling each moment with desire, choice and passion for everything

Go into the stillness

Ask for me

I am ready Beloved

I will light your way with a thousand stars held high by a multitude of rejoicing angels.