Mayan-CalendarI am Cauac (pronounced Kah’ wok). Thank you for joining us on yet another cycle of the journey. We begin this new round of Tones (1-13) with anticipation that you delve even deeper into yourself. Tone 1 can be symbolized in many ways. Today we will look at the aspect of unity. Among you, there are many beliefs when it comes to your religious structures. This is uncanny, for there can only be one Truth. Yet what is this Truth? Could it be that the Truth is inside yourself and only true for you? In one sense, this is accurate. Yet on other levels, it is not so. We are beginning to sound like lawyers, are we not?

In the beginning, there was one Source. Where did this Source come from and how did it ultimately begin? We cannot describe the beauty of this event, it is literally too beautiful and pure for description. However, know that you all are One in the sense that you ultimately came from one Source and you eventually will all return to the same Source.

In that sense, you are all brothers and sisters who have come together on the Earth plane to have a variety of experiences. It is somewhat like a tribe, migrating as one, yet sending scouts in several directions to see which territory might be best to settle. Each scout will return to tell of his experiences; the tribe as a whole will benefit from their experiences. Like an inbreath and an outbreath, the tribe will continue this pattern of being united, separated, then united again to share their experiences. Such is your life as humans.

Each of you leaves the Source for a while as you live your life as a human, eventually returning to Source after this incarnation. While you are on Earth, you have many experiences that are logged into your energy field. You take those experiences back with you when you return to the Other Side.

Have you ever heard of phantom pains? This phenomenon occurs when a part of the human body is amputated, yet the person suffers extreme pain or itching, as though the member were still attached. Although the member is no longer attached, the memories are encoded in that part of your energetic field. This field stays with you forever, even when you leave your body upon death. When you return to the Other Side, you take full memory of your experiences with you.

Many of you have had experiences with the Akashic Records. The energy field or signature of each body is unique. This is how all knowledge is stored; it is similar to having a card catalog number, except the filing system is an energy field. Every event, every emotion, every moment of your life on Earth is recorded in this energy field. All souls have access to this record so they can learn or experience what you have done. It is similar to a virtual reality computer search engine. All of the Angels and souls that are not incarnate can experience events through you! This is how important your life is.

It is known throughout the universe that Earth is a tough place to live due to its density and negativity. The hardest part is coming here with amnesia, not knowing the full beauty of who you are. Yet many want to experience some of the things you are doing, without having to go through a full incarnation. This is similar to your friends wanting to see your photos and hear the stories of your latest adventures, although they may not want to have first-hand experience of the event. This is part of the beauty of unity. We are all one; we come from the same Source. We each have chosen different Paths so we can venture into places that pique our curiosity. Yet there will come a time when we head home to Source.

All things in the universe expand and contract. You are now coming to the close of a contraction, soon to begin a state of expansion. This time on Earth is ending; you are beginning to move out of a state of chaos and back towards the unity of love.

There are ways to make this migration smoother. Take time daily to relax and feel gratitude for the many blessings in your life. Fight through fears and change behavioral patterns that keep you from being in pure love. Many of you are in fear of being sent to hell for your sins. We are here to let you know that the only hell that exists is the torment you put yourselves through when you allow fear to taint your decisions. Do you think your God would cast you aside for eternity? Even an earthly father is kinder than that. Who among you is perfect? If it is man’s definition of perfection that will get you to heaven, you can be sure you’ll be seeing a lot of your friends in hell!

Take time out of your busy day to reflect on your life. How can you make choices that are more loving? Can you come up with better ways to handle situations? How best can you respond to those who push your buttons? The answers lie within you. Do you really think that if you are trying to do the best you can that you will be cast aside forever?

We would like to make a bold statement. There is no devil. The only devil that exists is of human design. There is no battle between light and dark. There is no war waging that God may lose. There are only experiences that each of us, on all Dimensions, are choosing. You made some of your choices before you incarnated. The only way you could experience Not-Love is to come into a Dimension where the rules would allow such a game.

You enter this Realm with much guidance and support. You are never alone, although it may seem so at times. Whenever you are feeling down, go within and ask for help. It is always there, although sometimes you have blocked access to it. The devil that you fear is only an illusion. There must be some truth in this since there are always people who have weathered the worst experiences in life and come out thriving. Perhaps your hell is created by your fearful thoughts and anxieties. Could it really be that simple?

How many times have you had an experience that seemed awful at the time, yet when you look back in retrospect, you can see the blessings it provided? When one door closes, another door opens. We have given you a lot to consider in this Message, so we will stop for today.

The main premise of this dialogue is to help you to gain a deeper understanding of unity. You came from one Source and you will return to one Source. In the meantime, you are all scouts that are gathering information for the rest of the tribe. Your body is a living library; storing every experience of your life until you leave this earthly Realm. These memories are also stored in the Akashic Records, where they will remain untainted and accessible for all time.

Know that each of you is perfect and has all that you need within you. Enjoy each day to its fullest and allow yourself to set aside memories and emotions that no longer serve you. Gain understanding through internal searches, for by going within, you will find full access to the Akashic Records. We will speak more on these topics throughout the year.

Until the morrow, go in peace! Cauac 1