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Archangel Metatron -Chakra Clearing2When this card came up now I thought “Oh no, not again!” and I heard “Oh yes! Again!” It seems that we are constant clearing mode, but then that is because we are constantly re-birthing ourselves into who we truly are as Beings of Divine Love. With each little bit of clearing out of the old, we are making space for the new energies that are helping us to re-member who we are. Love is All There Is Beloveds.

With the process of releasing the old, our energy centers are being overworked and they need constant care to ensure they remain clear of blockages. Blocked stale energy in your chakra’s will cause you discomfort, anxiety, pain etc., and if left unchecked will eventually cause dis-ease in the physical body.

For this purpose we call upon the Archangels for their assistance in clearing and balancing our chakras. Archangel Metatron is perhaps one of the most potent healers in the angelic realm and he loves to clear and balance your chakras. Call upon him to do this and he will use his “Metatron cube” through your crown chakra at the top of your head, rotating it downward through your chakras clearing out old energies that have caused blockages. Remember to be in a state of allowing as these old energies are being released for your highest and best good. It is of no use to hold onto these old energies and old ways of being. It is time now to release the fear and embrace the new. Allow yourself to expand and grow into the New You that is being re-birthed. The upcoming Full Moon is a good time to release the old Beloveds. Allow yourselves to make full use of her gentle and clearing energies. Ask us for help if you need it, we are always with you. All ways.

~Thank you Angels! Blessings & much love!


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