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solstice energiesSince the Spring Equinox (the Fall Equinox for the Southern Hemisphere), we have been amping up in energy. It actually began at the 12/12/12 Gateway, and with each passing month, the energy has been getting stronger and more intense calling for us to sit up, take notice and then take action toward being fully merged with Soul/Higher Self/Source. We’ve experienced so much change and have continued to move closer to anchoring our New Life, slipping further away from the old 3D matrix of duality. I speak in generalities, for each of us are experiencing our own unique Ascension. Some are already completely residing in the New, while others are in between, others are having difficulty letting go of the old paradigm while at the same time moving up in consciousness, and still others are simply choosing not to awaken. Let me repeat that meditation is key in moving forward and merging with Soul.

For the last few days, we have been in a state of Grace with beautiful, soothing golden Source Light drizzling down on and through us. This continues as we enter the Gateway of the full embodiment of living in our New Home; that of Love, Unity, Peace and Joy. Even while we may have challenges, these challenges don’t bring a knee-jerk reaction, so prevalent in the old 3D life, but we move through them with a new perspective and an underlying knowing that all is in Divine Order. As we release the old, we don’t release the memory; we release the emotional charge and attachment to that which is releasing and transforming. And in this way, we don’t keep repeating the same patterns, but can choose a Soul Essence to create New Life; a new perception. This is the state of Grace of which I speak. It doesn’t matter what is going on in our lives; as we go deeper, we feel our Joy, Love and Peace in the undercurrent. It’s much like a river. It may be choppy on the surface and yet, if you go deeper, it is calm.

During this Solstice, we step through one of the final Gateways of Ascension. What we carry through the Gateway then creates our New Life. It is why I’ve shared the importance of completing old 3D life issues and to be clear on what you are creating in the New. This then will be extraordinarily enhanced and empowered by the Super Full Moon on June 23rd. (So many Super Moons this year!) And then next week Mercury goes retrograde, so that we can revisit anything we haven’t taken care of before the Solstice.

It is this Solstice Gateway that we have the supreme opportunity to be fully awakened, blending our entire consciousness mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually with Source! This means that anything hidden will be revealed to us. The Veil is completely dissolved, so there is nothing holding us back but our own resistance to moving forward. What is this resistance? It is the not believing/knowing that we are powerful sovereign beings and believing that the old 3D matrix is still in charge. It is why we have been encouraged to focus on the New and not give any power to the old, unless it is to wrap up any 3D business. Do know that this Gateway does not close, so it is a gentle, if you wish, forward movement into New Life that is ongoing.

This Gateway gives full access to Source Light and Mastery. It holds the potential to be fully God-realized and this knowing and integration continues throughout the year. And as we move into our destiny, our energy then goes out in waves, touching all of life. This is Unity Consciousness imbued with Source Love; that which we are! There is no hierarchy here, for we are truly One; equal to Ascended Masters, Angels and all higher dimensions and each other. Can you imagine your life as an ascending master; all knowing; omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient? Can you truly know that this is Who you are in the highest Truth and knowing?

Many have spoken of individual timelines. Timelines will merge as One. Timelines, while purposeful for a while, have actually kept us separated. Feel this. Are you willing to let this concept go? The timelines have served their purpose in that anything that was not aligned in Light or Love was (and continues to be) dismantled and dissolved and transformed into Light. This is why so many have felt lost; not knowing who they are or where they belong. We are moving from this float space as we create freely our New Life based in Essence; not details (like in the old).

You have been encouraged to keep your vibration high. This is so very essential now. How do you do this? By keeping company with those who are light, loving, positive, supportive and honoring of themselves and you. It is staying out of another’s drama or chaos. It is not saving or rescuing others and not perpetuating codependent relationships; and instead, knowing others are powerful to make their own choices. It is also letting go of duality or going against anything, instead of allowing it to dissolve on its own; in Divine Order. Keeping your vibration high allows you to disengage from the 3D matrix, for Light dispels darkness. What you fight against, you empower. What you align yourself with, you empower. Your choice.

The Solstice Gateway helps us step up in our commitment to help the planet rise in Unity Consciousness. This is our highest purpose. We do this by keeping our vibration high and knowing the truth behind outer events that want to hold us back in darkness and smallness. We become more and more conductors of Source Love and Light? How? By being the best version of ourselves; being authentic, honest and powerful in who we are and responsible in our Integrity.

The Solstice is an opportunity to rise in Awareness. It is important to know that it is essential to work with the Light without questioning it or yourself or doubting or just figuring you will be taken along on the ride. Step up and Be Who You Are. If you are still experiencing challenges and old issues come up, release and bless them and then open up wide and receive the Light of this Gateway. We must choose. If you are still holding back and see yourself as limited either by your created circumstance or by choice or by not trusting in the truth that everything is shifting, ask yourself, “Why?” Go deep; what inside of you is fearful about rising in consciousness? Then if you choose, release it in the Sacred Rose (http://www.soulsticerising.com/spiritual-musings.asp?NID=17); release the energy; and then take just one step forward; take an action. It is all up to you as a sovereign being. No one else has control over you. You are free to fly. You alone are responsible for your life. The Solstice energy is available for you to empower yourself in all areas.

You are where you are for a reason. Look at your life. What is it telling you? Find your inner Joy and your inner Peace; be guided to fully embrace Now and then take a step to make any changes if needed so that your outer life matches your inner life. It is time to take action in the direction of your unlimitedness. And above all, love yourself the way Source loves you.