mayan day keepersGood day! A good day it is, indeed, for once again we gather to learn from each other! Today we begin another round of the Day Keepers, of which I am first in the cycle. Know that the order of our appearance in the Tzolkin calendar has no hierarchal significance. We each represent various aspects of you; the pattern is formulated from beginning to end with each round of the Tzolkin creating a deeper level of understanding for you.

Let us look at the new beginning in this cycle. We would like to delve deeper with you into your soul and assist you in discovering those things that hold you back from living a life filled with joy in each moment. These Messages are designed to assist all humans, knowing that each of you is on a unique path of rediscovery of Self. If any of these lessons feel too deep or esoteric for you, either go back to a previous day and work on an unresolved issue or continue with us, absorbing what makes sense to you and integrate the things that have meaning to you.

As you review your life, you realize there were many things you did not understand as a child. Once you gained experience and a wider range of understanding, you changed some of your beliefs and behavioral patterns. Like giving up a bottle and drinking from a cup, there comes a time when you set aside childish things and move forward. These daily communications are the same way.

There will be things you read that you do not agree with or don’t believe in. However, look beyond those points to the deeper meaning and go within to see which resonate with you. Then take the steps necessary to integrate those parts that seem reasonable. In so doing, you will learn to set aside many of the fears that currently blind you. As you re-read these lessons year after year, you will gain a better understanding with each round.

Let us begin this day with looking at how belief codes are formulated. Your thoughts carry tremendous creative energy. The more you nurture a specific thoughtform, the more you give strength and credence to it. Your brain is continually processing what you sense around you. There are myriads of stimuli to choose from each moment, even while you sleep. Your subconscious brain records much of what is happening around you, even though you pay no conscious attention to it. This has been proven through hypnosis in cases such as a person being able to recall details they didn’t notice at the time of the event. Your life is lived according to the things you pay attention to. This is why monitoring your thoughts, words, actions and emotions are imperative. When you focus your attention on a matter, it becomes part of your reality. This truth was well illustrated in the movie, What the bleep do we know?*

Each of you, in every moment, is surrounded by a myriad of events, sounds and smells. If you were to try to pay attention to every stimulus, you would soon go insane. Many things around you happen through patterning. Through practice, your brain automatically functions with your muscles to allow you to walk across a room without having to pay attention to your movements. This allows you to focus on other things. As you travel through life, more things become automatic: you read without needing to know the sound of each letter, your body functions are automated and your brain filters stimulus you choose not to focus on.

There have been numerous studies with scenarios studying people’s recall when a group experiences an event. For example, there is a class in progress with a teacher and several students. An actor is hired to come in and perform a few acts, then exit the room. The students are then asked to document the entire episode, relating only facts of what they witnessed. In every instance, there are variations between each student. Why is this? There are many reasons why, but the main difference is that each person is responding from his/her own personal filters. Let us say the actor came in with a gun, pretending to shoot the teacher, firing the gun three times. All the while, he is shouting orders to the students, swaying his gun back and forth and cursing the teacher for something he had allegedly done to the gunman.

Perhaps one student had previously been shot, while another had never seen a real gun. Can you see how each of their experiences would make them react differently to the situation? Perhaps another student detests the teacher, while another absolutely adores him. You can see how each of them would respond differently to the teacher being shot. Although the actor spoke his lines clearly, not all would have heard what he said. If their focus was on something else, such as not being shot themselves or being concerned about the teacher, it is likely they did not hear the actor utter a single word. Yet, while in a hypnotic state, many times full recall of the event occurs.

Why do we recall only certain aspects of an event? The subconscious mind stores information we don’t pay attention to. Sometimes, this information can be accessed, but many times, it is never retrieved. Is it lost forever or lying dormant until it is deemed of importance? In either case, you react to events where you focus your attention. This is how your belief codes are born. Those things that are in the forefront of your thoughts are what create your reality.

If you choose to focus on negative thoughts and events, these become your reality, attracting more of these events to you. When this occurs repeatedly, it becomes habitual for you to look for the negative in all things happening around you. We call these “no, but” people. You know them. Whenever people present an idea, these people generally respond with statements such as, “No, that will never work, but my idea will.”

On the other hand, there are people who focus on positive thoughts and behaviors. We call these “yes, and” people. You know them. No matter what you say, they support you with statements such as, “Yes! That’s a great idea and have you considered this other option?” Most live in between, sometimes feeling low and negative and other times feeling upbeat and positive. Yet each has an underlying disposition towards one or the other.

One of the laws of the universe is that like attracts like. If you are continually focused on being a victim and believe that everyone is out to get you or that you have bad luck, this is what you will attract to you. Your thoughts and things you pay attention to are what create your reality. In every situation, there will be people who see blessings and those who will focus on its curses. The good news is that each of you has the ability within yourself to transcend negative thinking.

Once you gain control of your thoughts, you will then be able to release belief codes and change behaviors that have kept you locked into “no, but” thinking. Each day of this calendar is designed to assist you in doing just that. We take time to share with you insights as to why the world is the way it is and how you can function better within it. We support you at all times, encouraging you to go within for your answers. It is our desire to help you reconnect with that part of your Self that is still in Spirit form, your Higher Self. There is no need for gurus or teachers other than to validate your beliefs and to help lead you back to yourself. All you need is within you.

Expand your limited beliefs regarding the God(s) you choose to believe in. Is your God loving and supportive? Would you wish for less in a physical father? Many of your religions will have you believe that your Father is punitive, even cruel enough to consider banishing you to a life of torture, forever. Does this ring true for you? Have the courage to question your religious beliefs. You have been wrong in other situations; could it be possible that the church you choose to adhere to is teaching thoughts and beliefs that make no sense to you?

Study the history of your religion. When did it begin? Why did it begin? What was the credibility of the creator of your religion? Can you look around at nature in balance and see a God that is extremely wise and creative? When others approach you with new thoughts, you may gain wisdom by listening to them. However, rather than blindly believing what they speak, ask questions, roll these thoughts over in your mind and give credence to the fact that perhaps at least one tidbit of information might be useful to you. Wouldn’t you appreciate others listening to your point of view?

Many of you are locked in suspension, not knowing which way to go. Those of you who are afraid to make the wrong choice, we suggest you go inward and allow yourself to experience what feels best at the time. Know that throughout your life you will be presented with multitudes of ideas. All have their credence and validity. Take for yourself that which feels right, try it on; if it doesn’t fit, try on something else. There is no right or wrong, there are only experiences. Many of you will cringe at this statement, but we would ask you to consider the things you believed as a child that no longer ring true for you. Not one of you has all of the belief codes you set up as a child. As you gain experience, you learn more and are able to discern from a different point of view.

Perhaps the best advice we can share with each of you is to be kind to others. It matters not if another person has done you wrong; be kind anyway, for these people can benefit from your acts of kindness. The world would be a much simpler and loving place if each of you would be kind to one another. Relinquish your judgments and be equally kind to all. What other topic needs to be preached from your pulpits? Anything else leads to separation. It is bad enough when governments set up separation between church and state; how much more “sinful” it is to cause separation between church and church.

No matter what your religious or spiritual background, your lives will be enhanced when your thoughts center on paying attention to the divinity within each of you rather than on your differences. Life will be lived in a more loving manner when each of you sets aside your differences and learns to love one another. Is that not the basis of your religion?

If your thoughts take you to places that are not in alignment with the life you choose, think again. You may say it is too tedious to monitor your thoughts. We would answer by asking you to look at how tedious your life is when you don’t monitor your thoughts. We encourage you to go within each day and look at those places where you focus your attention and change your thinking in areas that do not resonate with you. Strive for joy and joy will be yours!

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