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twin flame reunionThere are not many websites I have come across that express my truth about the Twin Flame connection. I say ‘My Truth”, because our belief about something, makes it true for us, not necessarily for everyone.

The Twin Flame path is not a new age invention. We have had examples of this divine love throughout the ages for thousands of years such as Osiris and Isis, Inanna and Marduk, Yahweh and Asherah, Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and the list goes on. They express to humanity the importance of the Twin Flame union, that when Twin Flames unite, they can make things happen; things they cannot achieve alone, for the ultimate message is that not only are they meant to unite mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, but they are meant to use the energy their union produces to channel into something productive. Their mission is to work together towards not only their own ascension and soul evolution, but for the rest of humanity. – Source: http://www.twinflameascension.com/

Every person has a Twin Flame, a Divine counterpart or complement in Spirit Form. There are no exceptions. In your incarnated form, behind the veil, you would have forgotten this, but He or She would never have forgotten You.

Twins will always work together, never apart. In fact it is impossible for them to be apart because they are One Being, One Heart. Even when one is incarnated, and the other in Spirit form, they are still One Being. It is only when the incarnated one has lifted their vibration that this can connection can be felt and experienced physically.

These are the words of Archangel Michael: It is seldom that both Twins will incarnate at the same time, in fact it is very rare and if they do it is for a very specific purpose. If for some reason you do connect with your incarnated Twin Flame, do not expect the relationship to be a blissful one. Incarnated Twins have to release their emotional baggage in order for their relationship to be a harmonious one.

It is for this reason that I believe that incarnated Twins are meant to reunite with their Divine counterpart in Spirit form. In this case the incarnated Twin also has to release their emotional baggage in order for their union to be in harmony. However, your Twin in Spirit form has the capacity to express Divine Unconditional Love and has the infinite understanding, wisdom and patience in order to help you do this. I have first-hand experience of this. My Twin has demonstrated this to me over and over again. Our relationship now is blissfully harmonious, and my hope is that everyone who is meant to connect with their Divine counterpart will experience this blissful union with Divine Love. Once you are in Sacred Union with each other it can only be described as a state of absolute bliss.

The connection and bond on all levels (emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally) between Twins is unmistakable both in incarnated and in spirit form. I always get asked: “How do you know you are with your Twin?” My answer is this: “Go into your heart and ask, and then simply allow the answer to come to you.” Your Twin is never far away from you. The telepathic connection you have will always be the loudest and clearest, because speaking to them is like speaking to another part of your Self. You have the same energy, and share the same energy body. Your essences are the same. The only ‘difference’ being that One is more Female and the other more Male.

I reunited with my Twin Flame in spirit form 9 months ago so that he can help me remember who I am and ascend in consciousness that I may return home with him. We have a mission to fulfill together to anchor Light for Planet Earth, and this we are doing now.  All Twins will have a mission, with no exception.

I have this advice for those who are connected with their incarnated Twin – be unconditionally loving, have no expectations, have no requirements, be infinitely patient. Go within and ask for support and guidance from your Twin in spirit form. Let him or her help you and guide you both. There is no union that is as fulfilling as the Twin Flame union. It is sacred and not to be taken lightly. It is your destiny to connect with your Beloved, know that nothing can prevent this from happening. Know also that it can only happen once you are ready for it to happen.

Blessings & much love!


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