archangel michael messages

Dear Ones, I am ecstatic to present this short message to you today through my Divine Complement. She has been through so much in these past two months and she has finally overcome the hurdles that have held her back in her final ascension process. She agreed to me channeling this message through her in the hopes that it may help someone else overcome their final hurdle.

As you approach the gateway in this, your final ascension process, the dissolving of your ego, Dear Ones, is all that stands in your way. It will cajole you, deceive you, sabotage you – if you let it. The only way for you to overcome your ego is to live in your hearts. To live in your heart means that you have to consciously make the effort to stay in your heart. It may mean that you need to align yourselves with your hearts multiple times throughout your day. If that is true then take a few minutes to do that by centering yourselves and visualizing your heart space filled with the soft pink energy of Divine Love. Do this Dear Ones before allowing your ego to react first. Your ego will get the message if you do this often enough.

Divine Love will lead you home Beloveds. There is no other way. We eagerly await you with our arms open wide. We are filled with the joy and anticipation of finally being reunited with you. We love you and are here for you to help you and lead you through the final gateway.

~ Thank you Michael!

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