Here in your world are strikingly contrasting pictures and movies of different lives, different people, different personalities, different races, different ages, different levels of income, different levels of intelligence, different levels of kindness, love, understanding, patience and tolerance, even different levels of some negative aspects of yourself, but here in your world there is something so similar that all of you possess, something so unique to you, the human race, but something not unique between yourselves. Do you know what this is? Do you know what this rare gift is that you as a member of this race possess and keeps within you deep down inside for safekeeping and protection? It is love. All have this deep down inside. It is love which pours like a fountain, waters gifted from a wellspring of love, for nothing that you possess comes from anywhere and anything but love. Love is the hope you have, love is the dreams you have, love is the empathy you have for another, your drive, your determination, your courage and your bravery, the winding that makes tick the great clock, keeping in time the rhythm of your heart and the journey of your soul walking over the sands of time.

~ Ashtar Command

Note from Debbie: This is an extract from message I came across that was posted in 2012 which I thought is so appropriate for now. This is the original link if anyone is interested in reading the message in its entirety http://www.ascensionearth2012.org/2012/08/message-from-ashtar-command-8812-our.html