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mayan day keepersI am Ik with Tone 4, we welcome this opportunity to share with you today. Our topic is one that is dear to our hearts, that of unconditional love. What we wish to do today is to help you to experience this on a deeper level. We invite you to join us in a time of solitude and meditation. The process is very simple. The hardest part for many of you will be to discipline yourself to set aside 15 minutes each day. When you do this on a regular basis, your rewards will be immense as you quickly learn to relax your mind and body, thus rejuvenating your energy flow.

Find a quiet space where you will not be disturbed for at least 15 minutes. We encourage you to create a quiet zone where you can do your daily meditation; encourage those who live with you to do the same. Preferably, this space should be in nature. If you are in a place that has no yard, create your space on your porch or indoors. Include plants or objects that give you a sense of being in nature. If you have religious icons or enjoy background music, candles or incense, have these set up. Your space should be designed so everything you need is prepared. In this manner, it is more likely you will set time aside to do the exercise. In addition, during the day if you are feeling stressed, this is a space where you can go mentally in order to feel more at peace.

The purpose of this quiet time is to become balanced and to release tension and stress. It is necessary for you to be in a relaxed and harmonious state of be-ing in order to be able to move beyond yourself and to experience love for all. When your energy is contracted by fear and your thoughts are focused on all the things happening around you, it is easy to get lost in frustration and impatience. It is very hard to love others when you are in this state of mind. After you have prepared your space by turning on the music, lighting the candle and incense or whatever works best for you, get into a comfortable position. It does not matter whether you are sitting or lying down, the important thing is that your spine is aligned as straight as possible in order for your energy to flow freely. Once you are settled, take a few deep breaths in and out, relaxing your body and allowing yourself to release the busyness of the day.

Focus on your breath. When you inhale, visualize breathing in love and kindness. When you exhale, release tension and thoughts or emotions that drain your energy. Continue with this pattern for a few minutes until you feel deeply relaxed. Then for several inbreaths, think of something or someone for whom you are grateful. On the outbreath, send this person a feeling of love and gratitude. Do this for another 5 to 10 minutes, each time sending these feelings to a different person, event or place that comes to mind. If there is someone or an event you are attempting to release issues with, you may choose to spend the entire session focusing on this person or event only. Eventually, you will come to a place of forgiveness and be able to send them love freely.

Here are some suggestions for places to send your love and gratitude: God, your Higher Self, your Spirit Guides, your relatives, friends, co-workers, pets, neighbors, those you do not have a good relationship with, your city, state, country, the Earth, the universe, plants, insects, wildlife, events that give you a sense of joy, events that are not joyful, food, farmers, stores, service people in the stores, your means of transportation, roadways, your body. Whatever comes into your mind, send it love. By doing this practice on a regular basis, you will begin to pay more attention to positive things around you. Every moment your mind is focused on things that cause you joy, is a joy full moment, indeed!

This exercise can be performed anywhere, at any time. Begin to observe the world around you and appreciate its beauty. Pay attention and be in gratitude for each blessing that comes your way, even those appearing to be negative. Train yourself to be in joy every moment. By focusing on love and gratitude, your life will flow much smoother. Problems will melt away as you release fears and tension associated with them.

Selamet!  Ik 4