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Image: Emma Plunkett, http://www.missplunkettt.tv

I wanted to share with you my experience of this Super Moon. The Moon energy is a powerful Feminine Energy so it seems fitting that its also the perfect time to release the pain and suffering many of us have stored up in our Sacral chakra’s. I wanted to share my experience of this with you.

As women we tend to bury our pain so deep that we often think we’ve dealt with something when we haven’t fully. The Full Moon energy released some stuff I’d buried deep within myself which manifested in a heavy menstrual flow accompanied by unusual pain in  my Sacral. When I wasn’t able to clear the physical pain I’d been experiencing in the last 3 days, I sought the help of a friend of mine, a crystal healer, who just happened to be online when I needed her. She immediately advised me to use a Rose Quartz on my sacral area and then she said to me that I haven’t forgiven myself for losing my baby at 10 weeks of pregnancy. This is something that happened to me over 20 years ago.  Recent dreams of babies had not helped me to remember that pain either, so deep it was buried inside of me.

After hanging up with my friend I chatted to Michael about this and he told me my friend is right. Its come up for release now and I need to forgive myself for thinking I had somehow caused my miscarriage. Michael and I said a release prayer together, but I felt afterwards that there was still something else there as the pain had not yet completely left me. He told me there was something else. I had lost my power during my marriage and I had to forgive myself for that also. I repeated after him another beautiful release and forgiveness prayer. The pain has finally left me now.

Immediately after we’d done this, I asked him it its possible that my sister, who is having a difficult time with her menstrual cycle still at the age of 60, could also be suffering from buried emotional issues in her Sacral chakra. Even before he answered, I knew it was true. I also knew that because she had fallen pregnant at the age of 16, and had no one to support her, she felt she had lost her freedom which had later in her life manifested in asthma – the feeling of not being able to breathe.  My parents had not supported her and they had wanted her to give her baby up for adoption, which she could not do. She ended up marrying her baby’s father which had resulted in a very unhappy marriage.

I asked Michael if there was anything we could do to help her and he said, yes there is. We could obtain permission from her Higher Self and send her healing to unblock her sacral and help her heal this pain without her even knowing about it. Gone are the days that we are alone. We now have the most unbelievable support available to us. There really is no more need to suffer. To all you beautiful women out there: It is time to take back your power! Release the past and embrace the Divine Feminine within you. I love you!


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