mayan-messagesI am Cimi with Tone 8. We are grateful for this time to be with you. As always, our intention is to help you to re-discover what you already possess within yourself. You have no need for teachers or gurus; simply look within to find all you seek. We are here to re-mind and to support all you choose to do with your life. We hold no judgment and are in awe of all that you are accomplishing on Earth.

Although it may not seem like it, you are gaining much for yourself and for everyone else in the universe. Every experience you have creates a new memory for us. Each of you has a unique slant on life. Although many may gather at an event, no two of you are having the same experience.

Literally, you are each a living library, storing every thought, emotion and action you have experienced. Isn’t that truly amazing? You are like super-computers with intelligence beyond any virtual reality software program. How much better will your life be when you realize you are conscious thinkers, with the ability to create with your Creator! You have been given free will to choose your experiences. Although many of you have fallen far from the compassion wagon, your experiences have allowed for a tremendous amount of spiritual growth.

Can you picture a heaven where there is only perfection? Most of you would be bored within the first few minutes! Where is the challenge? Where is the drama? Where is the opportunity to express your creativity? We hate to burst your bubble to tell you there is no such place as heaven or hell. Hang onto these beliefs if you choose, but we have a better offer for you.

What if everything you think and act upon with passion is the doorway to creation? Would you choose to condemn yourself to a place of agony for eternity? What kind of loving father would do such a thing, even to his naughtiest child? It makes no sense! You claim your Father is all-loving and all-knowing. If he is all-knowing, then surely he would have known when he created you that at times you would choose to be naughty! Are you saying that your Father set you up for failure? If this describes your God, perhaps you might consider running away and being an orphan, then you might have a better chance at finding happiness!

Okay, I shall step off my soapbox and be a bit gentler. Consider this. There is a Creator. That shouldn’t be too hard to fathom when you look around and see the balance in Nature. What if this Creator designed Earth in such a way that would allow for a multitude of creatures to cohabitate here? Is that too far from your thinking?

Now, what if the Creator wanted to experience Earth and all her treasures, but was unable to fully do so while in perfect Spirit form? Could the problem be solved if the Creator were able to fragment into small units, with some remaining in Spirit form while other fragments lowered their vibration to denser forms?

What if in order to experiment with the concept of duality or polarity, those coming to Earth were given temporary amnesia in order to experience what it would be like to live in a place that wasn’t just peace, love and chanting hallelujah? Would you be one of the adventurers to sign up for this unique experience? Now, we admit that this polarity experience has gotten a little out of hand. If your all-knowing God knew this when he created this planet, wouldn’t it be wise for him to set parameters, perhaps a date for it to end? Isn’t this like wise parents who allow their maturing child to wander further from home and with less adult supervision, but has a nightly curfew?

Have we gone too far in stretching your imagination or will you continue with us? What if the world of polarity, the Grand Experiment, is coming to an end? What would it look like? Perhaps you would find that more people would be interested in finding their spiritual roots, seeking what feels right to them rather than blindly following the religion of their parents. Look around at the increasing number of new churches around the world; could this be a sign of the End Times? What if the experiment were about to end? Wouldn’t you expect more people to talk about how they would like to see changes in their world? This is happening. Have you noticed that an increasing number of people are simplifying their lives and down-sizing, while in the past there was more emphasis on amassing material objects?

Have you noticed an increased surge in people moving where they feel they “should be.” Have you noticed others moving closer to their family or looking for communities with like-minded people? Have you noticed how all the systems that were set up to control the masses are now disintegrating? Could these all be signs of the end of polarity? Perhaps the hippies were right, all you need is love! True love. Unconditional love. Respectful love. The current buzzword in many churches and spiritual gatherings is unity. There is much talk of being one with each other. More emphasis is being placed on finding common ground rather than what separates.

Begin to focus on what makes you feel loved, balanced, joyful, creative and passionate. You no longer need to experience what it would be like to be alone, have the biggest house on the block, controlling others or anything that causes separation between you and another. The best place to begin feeling this unity is to begin to see others for who they truly are, children of the same Creator. Each one of you possesses the gifts of co-creation. Don’t take our word for it, put it to the test. Remember times when you received what you desired and see if you can find the patterns that led you to successful manifestation.

You have the ability within you to create Heaven on Earth in an instant. However, there are many diverse energies competing against each other. Like a tug of war, the group that pulls the hardest will win. You are at a point in history where the unity side is winning. More each day are coming to the realization that there is more to life than material wealth.

Through the past several decades, the masses have given personal control over to governmental and religious figures. All the hullabaloo over separation of church and state came as a result of the church having more power than the state. The lawmakers had the power to create legislation to gain control of you, the common people. The goal was to control you and they have succeeded. As you awaken consciously and begin to remember how powerful you are, you can begin to stand up and say, “No more!” It has taken a great upheaval to awaken you. As a result, many are homeless with no money to buy clothing, food or shelter, the bare necessities to survive on this planet. You are on the verge of losing the ability for any life to exist on Earth. Can you think of anything further from love?

Could it be possible that humans are now experiencing the opposite of Love? Isn’t it possible that you have run the full spectrum of possible experiences, short of complete annihilation? Is there a way out or are you doomed? We are ever hopeful that enough of you have awakened and are ready to regain possession of your body, mind and soul and begin the dance back to centeredness. If this is true, what might it look like? Might there be outcries against war? Would there be an influx of people interested in stopping the groups who control every aspect of their lives? Would you see a return to backyard gardening as a means to feeding yourself healthy food? Would you see an increase in community as you work together to provide food, clothing and housing for those in need? Might there be a shift from jobs with “benefits” to jobs that create passion and are less stressful?

Have you seen these things happening? The news media doesn’t focus on this, for it would expose the pitfalls of the magnates who “own the world” and the media. Yet their world is crumbling in front of their eyes, for they forgot one important ingredient in their plan for world domination, the free will of the people they desire to control. Each one of you has boundaries that you have set up, some consciously and others unconsciously. Your beliefs allow you to take only so much abuse, so much control, so much unhappiness, so much servitude, etc. Each of you are now coming to that point, if you haven’t already, in which you say, “Enough is enough, I want and deserve a more fulfilling life!”

The road to Heaven on Earth can be smooth or bumpy. It depends on how much those in power will relinquish control and how gracefully you are able to regain control of your life choices. We say “gracefully” because it is a means to achieving what you want through actions of love rather than reactions from fear. The latter has been the way that battles on all levels have been fought for eons. It is now time to set aside your weapons and create the life you desire.

Begin to visualize your dreams into reality. Take each step with love and regard for yourself and others, seeking only those things that are for your good and for the highest good of all concerned. Anything less will keep you in the polarity consciousness that now has you bound and gagged.

We will stop here, although there is much more to say. However, each day we offer more insights into how to create Heaven on Earth. In the meantime, as you learn to release your fears and replace them with love, you will become further removed from the chaos that exists in your world.

As more of you unite, the grip of those who have had you under their control will be loosened. The dragon is losing its power over you. As we stated on Day 83, befriend your dragons, for you all are truly one, from the same Source. Soon you will remember this truth and embrace your enemies as well as your friends. The world can be a better place! You are the ones you have been waiting for! These are not idle words. Take them into your heart and let your light shine!

Selamet!  Cimi 8