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There is no problem so insurmountable that the loving hands of God cannot overcome.  Too often you forget to call upon your Mother and your Father during times of crisis, and instead you choose to work alone.  Why do you do this, Dear Hearts?  Why must you make things harder on yourselves than they need be?  For nowhere was it ever decreed that when you breathe your first breath of life in Human form then you must sever all ties with Us.  It is part of the Human condition to forget and then, ideally, to remember once again.  Through subtle reminders-and of late, not so subtle-we nudge at you to let you know that we are here.  We are guiding you, protecting you and on occasion barraging you with ingenious ideas.  It is our job to speak and it is yours to listen and to act.  Hear the voices of the Universe and heed the signs.  They have been erected everywhere, to guide you in the proper direction. ♥

This life, it’s an illusion. This world, a stage.  It is a carefully constructed backdrop to a brilliantly written play. You are the performers in an epic tale of love triumphing over all adversity.  This bodysuit you wear, it is a costume, and when the play is over you shall take it off and don a new one.  Or maybe not.  The choice is yours.  If you remember these things, then few circumstances that you encounter shall have the power to break you.  Because a child of God cannot be broken, not ever.  Your flame burns brightly in a world where there are far, far too many dark places.  Nothing can extinguish your flame nor dim your light, so move to the head of the line with total confidence and show the others the way.  Your light shall lead them home. ♥

Do not fall victim to the temptation to give in or to quit.  So many of you vacillate back and forth, as you hear voices in your head which tell you that it is too hard to continue on.  But know this-in this case it is the ego speaking.  True Divine guidance is always encouraging and never discouraging, so use this as a simple guideline in determining the difference.  Be of the knowing that sweeter times lie ahead for all of God’s mighty warriors.  You are loved. ♥

I am Indriel.

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