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oracle card reading for todayThe message I am getting for today is that everything is always in Divine Order. It cannot be any other way as chaos does not exist in God’s world. The angels are telling me that even though you may be faced with a difficult situation, this is the illusion your Soul wishes you to learn from. If you can move past the illusion, you will see underlying order, the Divine order.

We are always being guided along our pathway and that which we are meant to ‘learn’ here must be learned. It was agreed upon by us before we incarnated into physical form in the Earth realm to learn these lessons. Our Soul will therefore guide us in the most loving and best possible way into situations that will give us opportunities to learn these lessons. Always when you are faced with what you may think of as an impossible situation, look for the lesson you can learn from it. Know that only once you have done this can you walk away and move on. It is your choice, however, to walk away and not learn from the situation. If you choose to do this, know that your Soul will continue to present to you situations in which you can experience the lessons you have chosen to learn here. Knowing this gives you Peace that everything is always as it should be, for your highest and best good.

There is always Divine order in everything. We can also learn to live with the illusions created by man instead of in them. You have come here to the Earth School of Illusion to experience certain things that were impossible to experience in the Realm of the Absolute where all that exists is Divine Love. Here you can experience all the opposites of that, but don’t forget that these opposites are illusion and that only love is real.

Working with Archangel Raguel

Raguel has beautiful pale blue energy and he will lovingly guide you to see the goodness and perfection in all things. Wearing an aquamarine crystal will align you with his energy. Prayer “Archangel Raguel, please guide me today to look past the illusions so that I may see the lesson being presented to me in this situation. Thank you and so it is, Amen.”

Blessings of Love, Peace and Joy

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