oracle card readings“Ask and you shall receive” ~ This is the message I got earlier today and when I asked for a card, I got this one! I also received the message that we are happy to ask, but sometimes find it difficult to receive.  So this is the message today from Archangel Sandalphon:

“Heaven is expansive and ever increasing. One of the ways in which Heaven increases is through the giving and sending of love continuously. This love is sent your way in many forms, and your only task it to be willing to receive. Right now the answers to your prayers await your willing receptivity. Open your arms to these gifts! Your Creator wills that you be happy, healthy, secure and that all your needs are provided. Release any fears of receiving to me.”

Working with Archangel Sandalphon

One of Archangel Sandalphon’s roles is to deliver and answer our prayers and he assures us that every prayer is heard and answered. Call on him when you need help in allowing yourself to receive. Part of the responsibility of claiming your gifts is knowing that there is no scarcity, and the more you share your gifts, the more gifts there will be for you.


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