solar flareCurrently there is a really big sunspot that is affecting everyone, whether they realize it or not. If you are more sensitive and intuitive, you are feeling this as more Light downloads enter your Being. It brings with it an upgrade of your electromagnetic field, as this sunspot also activates very strong solar flares. With the electromagnetic energy, our DNA, cellular and electrical bodies are amping up in intensity; thus you are receiving an upgrade in intuition and awareness (3rd Eye headaches, anyone?). This energy then helps root out anything that has been hiding in your subconscious that is of no service to your ongoing transformation. It also is helping your transformation from being carbon-based to crystalline (Clarity). A lot may be coming up in your Dreamtime for automatic release. You may be sleepless or knocked-out as your Soul is doing much of the work. Now, if you aren’t noticing anything, are you still attached to the old way of being and doing?

Know that if something is not working in your life, it may not be aligned with Soul. Soul is so strong now that it is leading the way into the New. Can you let go of control and follow your Soul’s Guidance? Are you attached to an old way of offering your services, resistant to the fact that you may be ignoring guidance to do something in a New way or refusing to move into offering something new or are you thinking that the old way is the only way and that if you just work harder, things will improve? We are in a New phase. Those things that aren’t working may very well not be aligned with your New Space. Can you let them go, even if you don’t know what is next for you, trusting that you will be guided to New ways of being and doing?

For instance, many healers keep offering the same services as they have always done. Healing has shifted to a higher level of wholing. This is the recognition that in Truth, we are all whole. There is no fixing or saving here, but a recognition that each being is whole, is not a victim of dark energies or other malefic forces and can certainly heal themselves mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. As you merge completely with Soul, dissolving separate ego, you come to the awareness that all you need is within. Are you willing to trust this?

By meditating, merging with Soul, tapping into the current energies and walking our talk, we expand into and integrate our True Selves and New Lives. This is our potential now and for much of this month and year. Therefore, we may experience a more powerful period of release. In other words, anything not Love will come up in your life for recognition, responsibility and release. No-one placed these old energies within you; you created all of what you experience in life, for you are not a victim. You might wonder why you would do this. The answer is for personal empowerment. Of course, each one has a choice to continue to think things are done to them, thereby continuing to draw that energy to them again and again until they realize that it is a huge gift in awareness and they stop the pattern by choosing to love themselves, and thus step up in personal power. The gift is always self-Love.

When you take full responsibility for yourself, you free yourself to rise in awareness and as you do, you see what you hadn’t seen before and are more equipped to make decisions that lead you to more self-Love. When you rise in self-Love, you then can love others unconditionally without attachment to how you think they should be (including yourself) and you step up in more energy, more Love and you see and experience true Unity Consciousness. This goes on infinitely. You reach one level of awareness and then begin another level (or phase), becoming clearer, happier and more loving.

While we are truly in the higher rarified ethers of Soul, do remember that our physical bodies may not shift as easily or as quickly as our other bodies do. So, often it might seem that emotionally and vibrationally we are soaring, while our physical beings are still adjusting to the energies. We may experience some physical adjustments like headaches, anxiety, too much or too little energy, digestive issues, fluctuations in weight, etc. This is the time to ground, meditate, follow your energy without pushing; in other words, self-care, which helps ease the physical body into graceful change.

Realize also that if you have some old issues, that you thought were resolved, resurface, it is an actual gift. Not only is it a deeper release, but an opportunity to see how much you’ve grown and expanded. You may discover that you handle the situation much differently than before, based on your new awareness and perception. Just by responding in a new way, you automatically release the charge it had on you before. Once this happens; that you do not react in the same old way; you will cease to attract similar circumstance to you, for the pattern that was based in the old reaction-fear has been dissolved…just by shifting how you respond; and not react. (Responding is flowing with; reaction is fighting against.)

More and more we are embracing and revealing our personal power. Doing so is a statement that we are not victims of life; we are creators of life. In self-empowerment, there is only responsibility, discernment, and non-attachment to what goes on around us, which all leads to the freedom to create. It is never “the other person or circumstance” that makes us happy or sad, for that is our choice. We are all powerfully intuitive and yet, how many are truly willing to accept this? Can we read and listen to others with discernment, choosing what resonates or not within us? Can we accept whatever is happening in our lives, knowing it is there to bring us more into our personal power? Are we willing to take responsibility for all in our lives? Are we willing to detach from what we think others think of us, detach from outcome, detach from the need to fit in? Doing so, frees us to step up in personal power. And from this place we truly are free to create.

Much has happened so far this year and much more is yet to come. The Summer/Winter Solstice and Super Moon did a lot to empower our Light Bodies. This has affected us in all areas, as you know and feel. Therefore, it is absolutely essential we take care of ourselves in whatever way feels the best to us. If you can continue to gracefully receive the energies instead of resisting, judging, or analyzing them, you ease the way. We will continue along this path and as we do, we continue to shift and change. With all the shifting and changing there will be more that is released and reorganized or transformed. Many lights will go on and when this happens you will begin to question everything based on how it feels, if you haven’t already. You may ask, “Do I still resonate with this friendship/relationship, residence, job, etc? Answer these honestly and take a step in the direction of your resonance; that which makes your Heart sing. This is the New way.

We are entering a period of powerful refinement. Join in this wave with intentions aligned with your deepest Joy. Let go of the end result as you remain centered in the Now, observing and feeling. For as you refine, your choices and opportunities will surely shift. Let go of any illusory control you think you have or needing to know the outcome and trust in the Wisdom and Love of your Soul.