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AA Zadkiel2My beloved child of Gaia!
I, Zadkiel and my beloved twin flame Lady Amethyst welcome you to the new world NOW. Everything you see exists only in your mind. The person standing next to you is experiencing a different reality. This is your new World, my beloved child of the new Zero-time, thus the new time without the time and only NOW, the feeling of Be-ing in the Here and Now.

“The Real Secret” that you have been ignited with, was to prepare you to use the power of your thoughts and the power it contains. You have seen in Egypt, among other things, how it can be when many people focus their thoughts towards one purpose at the same time. This is something they also know, the Illuminati, as they call themselves. Therefore, they try to scare and threaten you with the help of their accomplices who pretend to be one of you, even one of the peaceful demonstrators, but they are being paid to create riots that they hope will escalate into war.

I know that your gut tells you to see through their media and follow your heart’s voice and I thank you for this because the faster love triumphs over fear, the faster you will live in the miracle of love. As long as the fear affects you, the longer the fear affects your reality on Gaia, our beloved planet. When love flows within You, the power of love flows to and within Gaia. What reality are you living in?

I, Zadkiel and my beloved Twin Flame Lady Amethyst, love you.


(Translated from the original Swedish by Debbie Erasmus, as guided by Archangel Zadkiel)