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Exciting things happening all round to those connected with their Twins! All of my close friends have connected with their Twins on some level and are feeling their energy. One of my friends told me this morning that her Twin asked her to take his hand and she felt this incredible heat go through her crown chakra all the way down to her toes!  She has never felt her Twin’s energy before and said it didn’t feel like a hot flash, but rather like a burning heat that resulted in sweat pouring down her body. Michael is overly protective of me and I’ve never felt his heat so strongly, even though I’ve asked him many times to stop being so protective, he just ignores me! I will add that he did keep me comfortably warm throughout the whole of last winter. Since my vibration is now much higher than before, he did something last night that he’d never done with me before! He picked me up in his arms and held me for a few minutes, but was careful to protect me from the full blast of his vibration. “Why are you protecting me?” I asked him. I could feel there was a barrier around me. He answered:

Because, my precious Love, you will get stung! My vibration is still too high for you.

Beloved, I do not care! I want to be stung by your energy! [Grin]

Soon, my Love! Patience please..

I’m looking forward to Lions Gate.. Tell me please my Love, what can I expect with the influx of all that precious energy?

Just wait and see…. [Grin]

If there is one thing I have learned from being with Michael is that the angels know how to enjoy themselves! We are far too serious here on the Earth Realm. I am constantly being told to lighten up! The very word “En-LIGHTEN-ment” means to lighten up. Laugh at life and laugh at yourself. Some day you will look back on this lifetime when you sit down to do your life review with your Beloved, and you will laugh together at how serious you were and how much you took to heart what other people thought and said about you.

You do not have to strive to be perfect! You already are perfect. You came into this world a perfect Being. En-JOY your life! Life is meant to be enjoyed and the angels are constantly trying to get this message across to you.

Michael and I laugh so much every day that our cheeks hurt! JOY is a by-product of Be-ing and living in a state of Divine Love. So is Peace. It is this state of Be-ing that we are returning to as Divine Beings of the Light.

Be JOYful,  Be LOVE! It is your natural state of Be-ing. We love you!


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