rose_thorns_by_fhrankee-d3cqb4pMake no mistake, being with your Beloved Twin does not mean your life is a continual bed of roses. It can also be a bed of thorns! It doesn’t matter who your Twin flame is, you are going to fight. Whether he is an Archangel or Joe Soap down the road, you will fight. It’s the most frustrating thing in the world fighting with your Twin, because you cannot win. Everything you say is a mirror reflection back onto you, reflecting all you feel about yourself. There is no use using the words ‘you’, ‘me’ or ‘I’ with your Twin, because those words point right back at you. It’s like pointing a finger at someone and having 3 more pointing back to yourself. So it’s no use fighting with them, because you are fighting essentially with your Self.

So throw in the towel, and your boxing gloves and get out of the boxing ring! Realize that the only way you are going to feel better is to make up with your Self. Make love, not war! I never said it was easy. There is not even the luxury of staying mad just for the sake of be-ing mad, because you are only being mad with your Self. Unlike with human relationships, your Twin will not leave the room and slam the door in your face and say “That’s it woman! I’m done with you!!”. No way is that going to happen either, because the kind of love they feel for you is unconditional.

Time and time again my twin has had to antagonize me to bring to the surface and release old negative feelings and emotions I have stored deep in my memory banks. I have no choice but to release them, or else I continue to live in my own self created misery that not only I have to endure, but my Twin also.

You may be wondering why I let myself stay angry in the first place. That’s because I’m stubborn! And I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but when you start wallowing in self misery, it feeds your “pain body” and you have to make an effort to consciously pull yourself back from it.

Your Twin and you are like your own little world, or universe for that matter. Whatever you feel, is reflected out to them, and vice-versa. They are your mirror, reflecting all your negative emotions, all your discordant energies, right back at you to deal with. There can be no harmony unless these negative emotions and energies are released. No harmony means no unity, no Oneness.

You can apply the same metaphor to the planet as a whole. There will be no harmony, no unity, no peace, unless we all release ALL the negative stuff that is standing in our way of that. It all starts with YOU. Sorry to say that, but it’s true.

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