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archeia lady faith and archangel michael messagesBeloveds we bring you a joint message through our grounded One. Lady Faith and I, Michael, wish to congratulate you on your progress so far. It will only get better and more exciting from here onwards. The forthcoming Lions Gate energies will lift your vibrations and that of the collective sufficiently for you to notice the difference in each other and in the collective as a whole. If only we could show you what is awaiting you Beloveds, you would be astounded!

Let go of any unwanted negative energies and keep yourselves focused on that which brings you the utmost happiness and Joy. Let go of negative thoughts and words and concentrate on the positive from here onwards. There awaits a magical world for you.   Soon you will see the changes you have so long waited for. Your dreams are important now. Decide what it is you wish to experience in your new world Dear Ones, and make it your intention to see your dreams come into fruition. You have so much power already, if only you would use it to manifest your greatest desires right now. There is nothing you cannot do, if only you would BELIEVE. Belief creates FAITH! Trust in us and trust in yourselves Beloveds. Remember you undertook this journey with full knowing that it would not be easy. Only the strongest of you were chosen to be here at this time. Gaia depends on you and we have the utmost Faith that you will succeed. You have far succeeded our expectations already!

Know that where there is darkness, you can bring your Light. Cast your ever brightening Light into the shadows Beloveds, and stand together to be of One mind and One Heart. We are ever near you and we await your call for help should you need us.

We are Lady Faith and Archangel Michael.


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