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Dual-Monitor-Wallpaper-0001With the opening of Lions Gate on 26th July a new influx of high vibrational energy will start to flood our Earth and all of Humanity. This period promises to be an “intense” period for most. The words of Archangel Michael:

“What can expect at this time? We think that the Key word will be “intensity”. Everything will seem very intense to the point of being surreal. In your personal lives, whatever is still remaining of your old third-dimensional consciousness will need to be removed and replaced by something at a higher vibration. This may be difficult if you have an emotional attachment to the old energies. However, if you simply release and allow the changes, then they can be achieved with the minimum of disruption and hardship. The idea is simply to TRUST the PROCESS and allow whatever needs to happen.” ~ Archangel Michael

If you feel you need guidance from Archangel Michael through this period, please visit our page for more information of which readings we offer here. Please make your payment via the Donate button on our website. Thank you ♥

Blessings & much love