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archangel oracle card readingsWhen I asked for a card for today, I got “Overcoming Difficulties” without even pulling the actual card.  I  received a channeled message from Archangel Michael for our readers:

Dear Ones, I chose this card for you today because many of you are experiencing a challenging time now. With the incoming Lion’s Gate energies, you may be feeling that you are ‘losing it’, as my Beloved Faith is fond of saying. At this time I wish to stress that you will be best served by taking things slow and easy. These energies are powerful, the strongest yet to be received by you since the opening of the Ascension portals on 12.12.12. Going with the flow will best serve you now as you allow yourself time to relax and integrate this energy.

Any difficulties should be handed over to your Guides and Higher Self to help you resolve them with as little disruption to your daily life as possible. Do not try to resolve them yourselves Dear Ones, as we have the capabilities and the wherewithall to assist you. Ask us to give you extra strength and courage to go forward in this challenging time, and to strengthen your faith and belief that all will be well.

You are already all so courageous and we are so proud of you! Do not let a little setback keep you from going forward and reaching your goal. Be gentle with yourselves and forgive yourselves for any minor setbacks you may be experiencing. We are with you and we love and support you, as always.

I AM Michael

~ Thank you Michael

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