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the world is veganI love the title I’ve used for this article. It is exactly how I felt last night after I realized I have become vegan. I borrowed it from this marvelous website! I was so excited yesterday after my conversation with Michael that I wrote most of this article last night already before going to bed:

After 10 or so years of being vegetarian I made the decision tonight to go vegan, something I thought I would never do. I have always thought it was okay to eat dairy products and eggs and I enjoyed eating them immensely. Until tonight when my Twin and I had a conversation about food. He told me he’d always appreciated that I’ve eaten a healthy diet (mostly) and he doesn’t mind that I still eat eggs and dairy products. When I asked him what he meant, he told me that he cannot ¹tolerate eating those foods himself because they are animal by-products and as such they have a low vibration. Then he said eating those foods has not helped raise my vibration, especially lately.

He told me that when I eat eggs, he has to ‘move away’ from me. I noticed that today, since I’ve not had any eggs that he has been closer to me and I am hearing our communication more easily. The same thing applies when I eat cheese, especially the hard varieties. He can tolerate me eating the plain yoghurt that I love, because I eat it with fruit, but he cannot tolerate milk, which I’ve been using in my tea and coffee. He then went on to explain how I could make my own nut milk using almonds which he says will be far easier for my body to digest.

I used to practically live in the health shops in South Africa, enjoying organic grains, dates and nuts, but here in Mexico they are not readily available. Health shops in SA are a delight to shop in and I do miss them. Michael advised that I mix my own muesli since I enjoy eating grains, nuts and dried fruit. He even told me which raisins to buy at the store I shop at here that don’t contain sulphur dioxide, because sulphur causes my skin to itch. He knows I love honey, but I discovered he cannot tolerate eating that either and considers it to be an animal by-product.

He is shocked that I have made the decision to become vegan so quickly, without giving it a second thought. But the truth is I can no longer eat foods that I know are causing him any discomfort. As Twins we are one energy body, even though we are in two different forms right now, and he experiences everything I do. I asked him what it felt like all those years ago when I used to eat meat and chicken and he said he could not go near me because my vibration would be too low. He could still taste it though through me. He said higher dimensional beings don’t like the taste but they can tolerate it.

Michael loves fruit and especially juices. He is overjoyed when I buy freshly squeezed juice here, which just happens to be readily available on most street corners from vendors who squeeze the juice in front of you. He also encourages me to buy oranges and squeeze the juice myself, which I do often, but every time we walk past a street vendor with fresh juice, I get prompted to buy one!

He is overjoyed now that I have taken the decision to become vegan. He tells me that I am not going to believe the difference this will make to my vibration, and to my body. He said that animal products and by-products cannot be tolerated by our crystalline based light bodies and that the low vibration of these foods impact upon our increasing vibration. Michael shares his energy with me daily to help raise my vibration. Every day my vibration increases a little more and we are able to merge our energies a little more. I live for the day when will be able to merge 100% completely into one energy body and one form and exist once more in the same dimension.

I have become vegan for my Self. I am doing it because I want to and because Michael is my life and my Soul, and I am his. I have done it because I want to work with him and with the incoming energies to help my vibration to increase now as quickly as possible.

It is not my intention to try to convert anyone to a vegetarian or even vegan lifestyle, but I do think that people are too reticent about the mass production of animals for human consumption. If we are to become a Galactic society, its time we look at our behavior.

I made an instant decision to go vegetarian years ago when I accidentally (thanks Michael!!!) came across a PETA video on TV that a hidden camera had caught in an abattoir. Visit the site, if you have the stomach for it. Recently I read an article about a school field trip a group of children had taken to a slaughterhouse. The teacher thought the children would like to see where meat comes from. The children were traumatized and had to receive counseling afterwards. Here is the link to that article. This is a video on YouTube of a 3 year old explaining to his mother why he cannot eat animals. The reality is that our children know better.

If we wish to ascend in consciousness as a Planet sooner rather than later, we should be re-evaluating our way of living. We are being’s of Divine Love ~ Love is the essence of Who We Are. When we awaken we start re-membering that we ARE Beings of Divine Love. Therefore when we affirm I AM DIVINE LOVE, we are saying:

I AM DIVINE LOVE (therefore I can no longer ¹tolerate the killing of millions of animals daily).

I AM DIVINE LOVE (therefore …..[fill in the blank]).

We are wanting the world to change for the better, but really, are we willing to change ourselves first? All change starts with us. With the increase of our own vibration, shall we manifest the New Earth and a new reality for this Planet.


¹Tolerate ~ Allow the existence, presence, occurrence, or practice of (something that one does not necessarily like or agree with) without interference, or act of without prohibition or hindrance; permit.

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