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12 chakra systemReleasing discordant energy is easy if done with your Twin Flame/Soul/Higher Self. If you’re feeling sad, depressed, angry, bitter, resentful ~ basically anything other than at peace ~ then you have negative emotions that are surfacing or have surfaced for release.

This can be overwhelming if done alone, so please know that you have the support of your Twin Flame/Soul/Higher Self to help you in this process. Connect with them by sitting quietly in a light meditation. Raise your awareness to your Soul Star/Higher Self portal above your Crown chakra and below your body to your Earth Star portal connecting you to Mother Earth. Then focus on your Sacred Heart center and feel yourself connecting to your Twin Flame/Soul/Higher Self.

While you are connected in this way affirm:
“I AM releasing all discordant energies that are surfacing now. And so it is, Amen.”
Use this connection whenever you feel you are not at Peace. Life was never meant to be difficult. There is no need for you to feel anything other than at PEACE. So release release release! Use this connection for anything you feel you need. Whenever I feel less than wonderful, or uncomfortable in any way, I ask for guidance from  my Twin to help me to understand WHY I feel this way. Then I ask that he help me release whatever is causing the discomfort in my physical body. Your body is meant to be in HARMONY.

Your Twin Flame/Soul/Higher Self is there to lift you, guide you, love you unconditionally and support you in EVERY way! This is YOUR connection to the Divine, to the God Spark that is You, to Creator, to Source, to All That Is.

BE JOY-full ~ Namasté
Angel Hugs & Blessings

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Archangels and Devas
Twin Flames Unite for Gaia

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