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meadowOver the last couple days I have been guided and coached, if you will, by Archangel Michael and my consciousness expanded in ways unimaginable. My understanding has risen to new levels and I am blessed with the re-member-ing that has taken place within my energy body.

The energies of the Lions Gate culminate today in what will be the strongest you have felt on this planet so far. Use these energies today to connect with the highest part of your Self. For some this means your Higher Self, or your God Self. It does not matter what labels you have given this part of your Self. Go within today and connect with this Divine part of YOU and allow yourself to receive much needed ‘breathing space’ or respite from your daily life.

There exists nothing, no-thing, outside of you. All that you need lies within you just waiting for you to remember. I have a meditation that I would like to share with you today:


Connect with the Highest part of yourself by going within and raising your level of awareness to above your crown chakra, and then focus on your high heart or Sacred Heart center. You should feel a pull of energies there and a sense of being filled with blissful energy of Divine Love. Allow yourself to be transported to a place of infinite beauty. A mountain pathway is before you and you feel yourself being taken by the hand and being led upwards along the pathway among flowers of unimaginable brilliance. You climb higher and higher until you are led to a flattened rock upon which you sit. You gaze out upon a vista of infinite beauty: A mountainside covered with flowers and it’s majestic peaks lies before you. You marvel at the beauty of nature and feel the warm golden air embracing you and touching your skin. You close your eyes and allow yourself to feel the peace of this place fill your entire being. Imagine the peace filling every atom and cell of your being. Your heart expands with the love around you. The love is in the air, in the flowers, in everything around you. You instantly know that this peace and love is available to you at any time. Allow yourself to be in this space for as long as you need.

Peace and Love be with you.


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