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At this time, like never before, you are being guided by your team of angels and by your Soul/High Self ~ the part of YOU that contains the spark of the Divine ~ to make positive life changes that support and are in perfect alignment with your Spiritual journey here. This guidance is always given to you in the form of your intuition. But how do you know to discern what is divine guidance and what is a feeling you have about something? I will tell you there is no difference. Your intuition is Divine guidance and it comes to you in the form of a feeling. It can also be a clear knowing that you are being guided by Spirit to take a particular action. Your heart is a clear indicator of what guidance is telling you. If you allow yourself time to go into your heart center before taking a decision about something, you will always know without a doubt if you are following guidance or not. Your heart is always a clear indicator. If, at this point, you feel discomfort in your solar plexis, then this is a clear indicator that the action you are about to take is not from your heart, and therefore not a guided action.

Learning to trust your intuition takes courage and it is something that is developed. These days we are being given unprecedented support from the angelic realm, therefore ask Archangel Michael to help you develop the trust needed to follow your intuition to allow you to go forward fearlessly.

angel card readingsAs we settle into the new and stronger energies that are being received by all now, it is important that we follow guidance and develop the trust and knowing that our intuition is guidance and as such is always for our highest intention.  Your guidance team and Higher Self/Soul knows what it is you wish to accomplish here. They know the easiest and best route to follow to help you do this with utmost ease and grace. You can therefore let go of any doubts and fears and go forward fearlessly knowing that you are infinitely loved and supported in every way.

Be Blessed!


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