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egoic mindMerging with your Higher Self/Soul is one of the most extraordinary, amazing and beautiful experiences you will ever have as a human being on the Earth realm. It can also be one of the scariest. That is, if you let it. It depends on how much control you exercise over your mind, or rather, the largest part of your mind – your EGO.

The ego is not your mind in its entirety. The mind is made up of the conscious, unconscious or sub-conscious mind, and the supra-conscious mind. The first two are the most commonly used parts of the mind. The last however, is the least used and holds the portal or gateway to your Higher Self/Soul. This is the part of your mind you access when in a meditative state. The conscious mind houses your current awareness. The unconscious or sub-conscious mind, as it’s more commonly referred to, is the part of your mind that houses your ego. It is the part of your mind that controls 95% of your behavior and that being said, it is utterly brilliant in its design.

Your mind body is a part of your energy body and as such has been with you since your inception as a Being. It knows you INTIMATELY; therefore it knows EXACTLY who you are at Source level. It has been with you throughout every single incarnation and lifetime you have ever had.

The primary function of the egoic mind is to keep you in this physical expression of Self, and it will stop at nothing to do so. It is highly diligent in this undertaking and it will devise ways with its brilliance to ensure it carries out its primary function. Even to the point of becoming your worst enemy. Enter the alter-ego.

The alter-ego will also stop at nothing to prevent the inevitable merging with your High Self/Soul, but instead of preserving your physical form, its intent becomes one of destruction. It will feed you false information, cause you to have hallucinations in your wakened state, and enter your dream state whilst sleeping and cause you to have dreams so real they will shock you. It will stop at nothing to keep you in a state of doubt and fear to the point of you even considering suicide as your only option.

If your telepathic ability is enabled, which in most cases it is at this point in your ascension1, then it will even go so far as disguising itself as your Higher Self/Soul, and interject comments, whole sentences and even hold entire conversations with you that will have you believing un-truths.

There is ONLY ONE thing the egoic mind does not know, and we want to emphasize the ABSOLUTE importance of this. YOUR EGOIC MIND DOES NOT KNOW LOVE.

Love is THE ONLY ‘weapon’ against the egoic mind. It is why we continually emphasize the importance of staying within your heart center. You will know whether you are in your heart center by the thoughts that you are having. You will only have positive thoughts whilst in your heart center. As soon as your thoughts move over into the negative, you are invoking the egoic mind.

Your Higher Self/Soul is always available to you and will always help bring you back to your Self. It does this with ABSOLUTE LOVE. Allow yourself to Be – Just BE – with your SELF/SOUL. Connect2 often with this part of YOU and allow it to fill you with Divine Love. This is what we mean when we say merging. The merging of the physical expression of YOU with your Higher counterpart/Soul, is all about becoming once more a Being of Divine Love. The more love you hold within yourself, the more you become your True Self. This is the Souls greatest JOY and wish for you: To bring you back to your SELF and to Oneness.


1 Ascension is the process that returns you once more back to Oneness. It is a rising of consciousness. This is something ALL of you have done already at some point. Some of you many times, so many times in fact that you have become master-full at it, thus you can call yourselves Ascended Masters.  Do not be concerned with levels and dimensions and to where you shall return, for this does not matter. It only matters that you return once more to Oneness and to your True Self.

2 You are never NOT connected with your High Self/Soul, so when we say connect, we mean become conscious of this connection. When you are consciously connected with your High Self/Soul, the egoic mind has no control over you.

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