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Much to my delight I have been enlightened with the existence of this tree through a special friend who received her enlightenment through Archangel Zadkiel, her guide. I immediately asked my guide, Archangel Michael, “What is this tree?” and received the answer with his smile “It’s magic!” All of this happened about a week ago and since then I have found much information on the internet to support its magical qualities. I saw the potential that this magical tree is offering humanity now to help eradicate malnutrition and hunger and I have indicated to my guides that I wish to be a part of what they are calling “The Moringa Project”.

I will not go into the detail of what this magical tree offers nutritionally, since there is enough of this information readily available on the net, but do I wish to tell you more about what my guides have been telling me about the Moringa Project.


The Moringa Project will be a fully funded NESARA project. Nesara as many know is a fund that will be made available in the near future to help Lightworkers in their missions to build the New Earth. If you’re not sure you’re a Lightworker, then rest assured, if you’re reading this blog, then know you are one.  Everyone embodied here is essentially a Lightworker, and all will play a part in the rebuilding of this planet and will work with Gaia to manifest a 5th dimensional society in the new paradigm of Oneness.

I have asked Michael when he expects Nesara to happen and as usual when I ask a question about the future, he will answer “When do you want it to manifest?” As it stands, Nesara could take another 3 to 5 years to manifest. But the future cannot be told, as we are re-creating it all the time with our thoughts, our words and our deeds.

The Universe operates with untold ease and grace. Abundance flows like a waterfall with ease and grace. Imagine a golden goblet or pitcher dipping into the flow of water and pouring from one goblet into another.  One hand gives and the other receives. This represents balance. One cannot receive unless the other gives, and it works the same with you. You cannot receive that which you do not have.

More about the Moringa Project

The Moringa project will involve the distribution of seeds of the Moringa tree to parts of the world where malnutrition and hunger is prevalent. It just so happens that the Moringa tree grows in these parts of the world already.


Image from http://www.treesforlife.org

With the world economy as it currently stands, there are people from all over the globe who need the vital nutrients that this magic tree offers. There is more than one variety of tree and although it prefers a tropical climate it can be grown indoors in pots and in greenhouses where the temperature drops to below 32F.

What can we do to help Nesara manifest?

The Moringa tree offers all of us a unique opportunity to help manifest Nesara sooner rather than later. We are the co-creators of our reality and it’s up to us to manifest Nesara. Do not go looking to the Galactics asking why Nesara hasn’t manifested as yet. We need to look at ourselves and question what it is we are doing to manifest our new world.

There are many sources for seeds online and we’re asking that you get involved now by purchasing a small amount of seeds and distributing them in an area near you. (Please do plant some seeds for yourself too!) People need educating on the health and nutritional benefits of Moringa and how to germinate the seeds. I have already received ideas from my guides to reach out to schools and local churches where we can make contact with people at a grassroots level.

We’re suggesting that you involve yourself in serving your community because this is one way you can change your life and someone else’s.

ONE consciousness is slowly being realized in the hearts and minds of humanity. There is only one of us and there always has been. We are constantly being reminded by our guides that we are returning to Oneness, a consciousness where we re-member we are all part of the same body of energy. A metaphor of a large mansion comes to mind where we are all living together in Unity. The mansion has many rooms, each room different, but the air in each room is no different to the air in the room next to yours. It is all the same air, same energy.

It is with this consciousness that we are offer you a way to create change in your world. You truly are your brother’s keeper. What you give out with one hand will be returned to you ten- fold in the other hand.  Giving creates joy and there are few among you that do not enjoy the blessing of giving to another. Giving therefore creates high vibrational energy which can and will bring about the changes you are seeking around you. Within you lies the key to the changes, and within you, you will find the resources available to help you make these changes. If you are hesitant on how you can help manifest these changes, the answers will be found within you.~ One Voice

I asked my guide Archangel Michael where that paragraph came from. I know that it did not come from me.

Michael who is “One Voice”?

We, the Archangels, are speaking with One Voice. It is how we will communicate with you from now on.  

Are you telling me I will not know who I am channeling from now on?

No, I am not saying that. You will always know when you are channeling me, but you will not be mentioning names in future messages. We have been interjecting our words into your writing to help you bring across your messages and ours and we will continue to do so.

Are you talking about the IN-Lightenment messages I am receiving?

Yes I am.

Okay, thank you. Is there a specific reason for this now?

Because we want to promote Unity Consciousness. It is not important who you are channeling anymore, but rather that the message is conveyed as accurately as its received. Unity Consciousness is a concept that has to still take root in the hearts and minds of humanity. Oneness Consciousness is the same as Unity Consciousness and it is to a state of Oneness that humanity will be returning to in the future. These messages are aimed at helping humanity raise its consciousness to a level of Unity and Oneness.

Thank you. I appreciate the help I’m receiving with these articles.

You are welcome Beloved.

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