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merkaba5About six weeks ago I shared about the Sirian Universal Merkabah followed by the Lion’s Gate. (You can read further about these in the Ascension Notes.) We now enter an expansion of both of these Gateways to further empower us in order to enhance what we have manifested during this time. We are now in the second phase; a more powerful one; of the Sirian Universal Merkabah. Reflect back on this six weeks; what has changed/shifted; how did you grow in Love Power? Again, we have an opportunity to further merge with Soul and take care of anything we didn’t and walk through it again with Grounded Divinity. Grounded Divinity. What is that? It is walking your talk; it’s knowing fully the essence of who You are and living from that place of Love without fear or hesitation.

Based on the work you’ve already done, there may have been some new opportunities for you based on what you put forth during the Gateways and the weeks following. These continue and are manifest from your very intentions. That which is to be attended to is in your face, as we have been receiving activation upon activation of high vibrational energies throughout, dissolving any denial in ourselves that we indeed are shifting in consciousness mentally, emotionally and physically. Physically speaking, in the last few weeks we may have really been shedding and rearranging. Many are losing the weight that they held as protection and because of shifting cells (we’re holding more Light and less density), releasement of old stories and patterns, along with not being able to eat like we used to. You may have felt dizzy, disoriented, have had head and tooth pain, fuzziness in the head and eyes, your hearing may have shifted, you might be seeing things you normally don’t see, there might be issues with electronics, back pain, anger, fear and doubt (more than you have ever felt before…to release), there may also be more taking responsibility for your own life and the refusal to take on anyone else’s drama. It’s been an extremely active time!

As we merge more with Soul (the real purpose of Ascension and the Sirian Universal Merkabah/Lion’s Gate), we have become more sensitive to energies and our intuition has grown stronger. More and more, separate ego is blending with Soul in order to express Soul; our Divinity; mentally, emotionally and physically; its rightful place. With this expansion of the 2nd Sirian Universal Merkabah, we grow deeper in Being and in Love. And this is reflected back to you. This then looks like more pieces of your Dream Life are coming together along with opportunities to grow more into your Soul-Being.

What does the Soul-Being look like? It is when nothing or no-one can knock you off your commitment to your Ascension; when you let go of controlling your life and others; when you are in full acceptance of Self and others; when you know and experience a Oneness with all of life; when you look to yourself for your answers and place no-one above or below you; you see how your thoughts and feelings manifest your life and shift them if needed; it is when you no longer are held captive by your past or conditioning; when you no longer wish to rescue or save another or a situation and realize all is in Divine Order. It’s when you are always in the Now and when you’re not, it’s easy to get back there; it’s when you’re conscious of what words you use and what thoughts you have, because you know that it’s all energy and creates…and so much more.

It is very important to stay grounded. It is not for us to float out, but for the high vibrational energies to float in, so we can ground them in ourselves and in Gaia. Then in order to help others, all we do is shine our Light. This is Being. You can use your Merkabah for this, centering it at your Heart and see it surround your body, down into the Earth. In fact, recently I was told that to focus more in your High Heart (your Thymus Chakra…between your Heart and Throat Chakras), you enhance your connection with the Sirian Blue Beings, who have created the Sirian Universal Merkabah AND the Lion’s Gate for our further transformation.

Since this is the second opportunity to receive high Light/Love through these Gateways, we will have the opportunity also to be even more focused, more committed, more clear…more of everything. The potential is that 3D life continues to fade, while Real Life gets stronger. You know, I’ve seen a lot of folks post things on Facebook that are so 3D…wars, famine, conspiracy, weather, etc. You do know that these are distractions designed to take your attention away from you, don’t you? What happens when you do that? You lower your vibration to “how awful;” “those people should be punished…or save;” etc. It is not apathetic to stay focused on Love. It is more; much more caring to Be Love/Light. Worry, fear, anger all create. What do you want to create?

As we walk through this 2nd Merkabah Gateway, do notice how much happier you are and how far you’ve come. Can you see how you are handling challenges more fluidly? Can you feel your Soul Love and Guidance more strongly? And while things may be intense, there is a deep knowing within that you are safe in all of your life. You do realize also that after this Gateway you will be in the first phase of full Ascension? It is just the beginning of a most miraculous and magical life. (It really won’t be miraculous and magical once we are immersed, you know; it will simply be New Life.)

When you allow your physical body to flow with easily with the continual shifts, you notice how you are flowing with What Is. There simply is no room any more for panic or fear and you realize those are perceptions of the old. Feel and Follow. For the next several days, be in a receptive place. Receive the Light. You don’t have to know what it’s doing or why or how. Just receive. You can do this best in meditation and silence and focus. Breathe it in. Be Source. Be Love. Let go of how you think it should be or how you think it should feel or how you think life should be afterward. Just Be.