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Note from Editor ~ I came across this meditation received from Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn in Aug/Sept 2010 and felt intuitively guided to share it with you again today. The Shekinah Light is the most powerful Light of All That Is. We are currently in the process of receiving this powerful Shekinah light energy and the meditation will help your body be in perfect alignment to receiving this energy. ~♥ ~ Debbie ~♥~

Firstly, sit or lie in a comfortably and enter into a state of deep relaxation. Breathe deeply, and then focus your attention into your Heart Chakra and connect with the Light within your Heart, the Divine Flame of Love. Visualize a figure eight centered vertically in the Heart, Follow the energy circle down into the Earth connecting first with the Earth Star Chakra beneath your feet and then connecting with the Crystalline Heart of the Earth. Feel the Deep Love and Support, and then draw that energy back up through the Earth Star Chakra and into your Heart. Breathe Deeply. Then move the energy upwards through the Soul Star Chakra and up to the Heart of the Cosmos and the Heart of the Great Mother of All and feel the Love and Support. Now bring that energy back down into your Heart, connecting the two circles of the figure eight. Now you are connecting Heaven and Earth within your Heart and your Being.

Now, visualize the figure eight on the horizontal plane from your Heart. On the left side the circle of light is a beautiful Magenta color vibrating with the Feminine Christ Light, so bring that light into your Heart. On the right side the circle of light is a deep Turquoise color representing the Masculine Christ Light. Bring that light into your Heart. Where the two circles meet is the center of the figure eight, so let the Turquoise and Magenta blend together to become the Violet Flame, and breathe deeply!

So let the Violet Flame expand out through your body, through every cell, transmuting with the Violet Fire of Higher Consciousness and Love, and moving into the Light Body.

Now the Violet Flame becomes Pure Gold, allowing the Christ Consciousness to permeate every cell in your Body and to radiate through your Light Body. Now, open the Channel from the Soul Star Chakra and the Crown Chakra into the Heart and allow the Platinum Light of the Shekinah to enter into your Heart. Feel the Gentle but Loving high frequencies activating the Shekinah within. Now, open the channel from the Heart through the Earth Star Chakra to the Crystal Heart of the Earth, and receive the tender Shekinah Light from the Earth. Let the Light rise up and activate the Shekinah energy within!

Now, the Platinum Flame is ignited within your Heart and the energy of the Shekinah flames forth with its beautiful White Gold Radiance. It fills your Light Body and your Physical Body with the Highest expression of Divine Love and Tenderness. You are held in the Divine Light of God and in the Loving Embrace of the Divine Mother.

You are the Divine Light in Human Form!

Hold the energy for as long as you wish, and then return your focus to your Heart. Breathe deeply three times and then focus your energy into your physical body. Open your eyes when you feel fully present and grounded in your Physical Body.

~ Channeled through Celia Fenn http://www.starchildglobal.com (Aug/Sep 2010)