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image from tumblr.com

About a month ago I posted an article about becoming Vegan and at the time I wrote the article, it never occurred to me that some people would misinterpret what I was saying. However I now wish to add further light to the matter…

Higher dimensional beings would never eat animals or any animal by-product (eggs, milk, cheese etc.) Because their Light bodies are entirely composed 100% of light, they receive their energy from the central sun. Some do however choose to eat fruit and partake of juices etc. That is not to say that they frown upon humans consuming animals or any animal by-product. If they did it would mean they were judging us, which they would never do because their love for us is without condition. So why exactly did I become vegan?

Firstly, we are all ascending – meaning our bodies are incorporating more and more Light which is Divine Love. There are however, different levels or expressions of Divine Love. The highest expression of Divine Love is what we are all aiming to once more return to. In the meantime we are incorporating huge amounts of Light which is changing our physical bodies, and preparing them to sustain a higher vibration of this Divine Love energy. This we are doing on a daily basis and we are therefore changing daily, even though this change may be unseen or unfelt, it is still happening at a deep cellular level.

This ascension we are all now experiencing is one that is happening in our physical bodies. Prior to this current lifetime, your physical body would have experienced “death” so you could ascend back to a higher realm to await your next lifetime. In this, your final lifetime, for many anyway, you will ascend with your physical body.Therefore it makes sense to start listening to your body and what it needs. This takes awareness which occurs naturally when your vibration lifts and you are able to attain higher states of consciousness. This is a perpetual undertaking as your consciousness is constantly expanding and growing with the increased Light quotient you are integrating into your body, thus increasing your vibration. It’s a never ending flow. Imagine a figure 8 – a constant flow of energy.

Many sources of animal protein being consumed today are being ‘mass produced’ in ways that are inhumane for the animals and therefore have a low frequency of vibrational energy. It makes sense that this type of food be avoided at all costs. If you are assured of the source of your animal protein and are happy that its being produced organically and ethically, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t carry on consuming it. That being said, however, it is only a matter of time before your body tells you it prefers a ‘lighter’ source of sustenance.

I want to further add some light to this “ascension in your body”.  Some have not yet grasped the significance of this. You will be ascending in your body, therefore you will not have to experience ‘”death”. With the increase in your Light quotient – or the amount of Light your body holds – you are becoming once more a multi-dimensional being. This is a process which happens over time and there will come a time when your consciousness has risen to a level where you can perceive yourself as a multi-dimensional being. At such time you will have awareness of your SELF on different levels and dimensions of existence. This means that you will maintain your present form and be able to take form in other levels of existence. You will be fully conscious of all your forms and retain full memory of your SELF at all times. Your ascension will continue though as you integrate more and more of your higher consciousness. I do not think a Being ever is fully ascended as we are always ascending and attaining higher levels of consciousness, no matter at which level we are on the spiral of Spiritual evolution.

To go back to whether or not to be vegan depends entirely on your vibration, because there will come a time when your vibration will no longer support eating anything other than live food. As your vibration lifts on a daily basis now, you will be eating less and less food. If you are concerned about getting energy from the sun in an area where sunlight is minimal, don’t be. By the time you’ve reached this state of consciousness, your Higher Self/Soul, will be giving you the required energy you need until you can source this energy for yourself.

I’d like to mention that many who are here chose to ascend in their bodies, but not everyone will in their current lifetime. That does not mean they lose out. They will return and have another chance at it. Maybe they will need to return more than once. In the end, it is their choice, but with the increasing Light, the next time they return it will be easier. The world as we know it is rapidly changing now and even though there are those that prefer to tout “doom and gloom”, there is enough evidence now within us to know differently.


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