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light-and-love-by-leoblue31What does it mean to go within and why do we recommend you do this now? By going within we mean connecting to and maintaining an awareness within your Sacred Heart center. From within this Sacred space you are easily connected to your SELF – Higher Self/Soul. It’s never been easier to have this connection as it is now, because everyone is living from a higher state of consciousness already due to the incoming Light energy.  Your Higher Self/Soul is waiting to make this connection with you right now. The higher Light energies that you are receiving since Lion’s Gate opened are helping you make this connection. You are right now standing at the brink of discovering your True Self once more. It is here in this Sacred Space that you will find all you have been missing, and all you will ever need.

From within your Sacred Heart it is impossible to fall victim to negative thoughts and patterns; and it is impossible to live within the illusions of the old 3D paradigm. From within your Sacred Heart center you will find that your perception changes and you will become aware of the subtle changes that are occurring around you and within your physical body.  Once in your Sacred Heart and connected to your Higher Self/Soul, new possibilities will be presented to you offering you opportunities to make the necessary life changes that are more in alignment with who you are becoming now. You will re-member who you are a little more each day as your vibration starts to lift and your consciousness increases.  You will wonder how you ever lived within your mind before as you now realize how your ego has kept you bound in the world of illusion.

IN – New Paradigm

OUT – Old 3D

Focal point

Sacred Heart ~
Higher Self/Soul

Living in the

Oneness with All
That Is

Mind ~ Ego

Living in the

Separation from
All That Is, Separation from your Higher Self & from Soul




My needs are
supplied as I am fully supported by the Universe;

Love is All
There Is;

I am not alone,
I can never be alone, I never have been;

Everything flows
easily and effortlessly;

I am immortal,
an eternal Spiritual being.


Need Exists

Lack Exists

There is never

Evil exists

I’m Alone

Life is difficult

Death exists


You know you are
never alone, and cannot ever be;

Divine Love –

No expectations

No needs

No requirements

No judgment

Fear of being

love/romantic love;

Conditional love

Need (I need you
to be a certain way before I can love you)

(unless you do this I cannot love you or I withhold my love from you);

Judgment (I
judge you for behaving in a certain manner)

Punishment is

Abundance &

Abundance flows
towards me as doors of opportunity open for me offering me
possibilities for creating a future filled with the joy of doing what I

My material
needs are met and the Universe knows what those are;

Letting go –
pushing past your boundaries.

Need Exists;

Lack Exists
(there is not enough to go around);

Fear of
exploring new ways of being.

 To connect WithIN to SELF

Sit in a comfortable position and take several deep breaths to help you enter into a state of relaxation. Then lift your awareness up to your Soul Star above your crown chakra and feel your consciousness lifting. Then place your focus into your Heart Chakra, your Sacred Heart center and feel yourself connecting to the Divine Love within you.

Feel the Love as it fills your physical Body with the highest expression of Divine Love and allow yourself to be held in this wonderful and blissful vibration for as long as you need. This is YOU, the highest expression of your Self – your Higher Self/Soul.

Once you are in this vibration you have access to the highest part of your SELF. You can ask anything and affirm anything. The world is your oyster from this space.  Go into this space often; it is your sanctuary.  The more you do this exercise, the easier it becomes to connect to your SELF. Eventually you will be able to connect by simply holding the intention to connect to Self and focusing your attention on your Heart.

Always maintain awareness in your heart, as this becomes habit, you will find that your life becomes easier and more blissful.  Divine Love is who you are. By returning often to this space you allow yourself to integrate more of this Divine energy into your present form and we cannot express the significance of how much this will change your life! It is from withIN your Sacred Heart that your Higher Self/Soul welcomes you home.


2013 Copyright © Debbie Erasmus. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given: https://archangelsanddevas.wordpress.com