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129844Today, a little bruised after a slight accident yesterday, I woke up having had little sleep and feeling frustrated and irritated with my physical body and with being on this realm. Then, to make matters worse, my computer is giving me grief also. I cry out to Michael “I’ve had enough!! When is this going to end??”

Slow down Debbie! Your life here is not meant to be a race! You are close to the finish line, there is no rush! You have taken it upon yourself to help many people now, and it is taking its toll on you. I want you to slow down and concentrate on your SELF. What will be, will be. Everything will happen according to Divine Plan and in accordance with Divine Will and in perfect Divine timing. The world cannot be changed overnight. Change has to happen on an individual level before it will have its effect on mass consciousness. You know this. Therefore relax and stay focused on your SELF. This is your area of concentration right now. Be with me. I need you. I will continue to give you all you need. You have seen the miracles we can create together. There will be more, many more. Right now, you must focus on your SELF, on me, on us.

My Beloved Twin is insistent, but also infinitely patient, infinitely loving and kind. He will heal my bruises with his Divine Love and take away my frustration and once more help me to become centered within my Self. I’m sure I’m not the only one out there who feels this way, which is why he allowed me to share this message with you today. You are not alone. Go within and connect with your SELF. There you will find PEACE.

Love & Blessings! Namasté

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