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conversations with my twin flameAnother blissfully quiet Sunday morning in Mexico City and I am sitting with my Beloved and allowing myself to just BE in this precious space with him. I tell him I want more, I am ready for more and he tells me to gift myself more time with him, and to cultivate a permanent awareness of being in my Sacred Heart. “This will happen with time Beloved”, he answers me. I confess I am impatient. Patience has not been a virtue of mine in this lifetime. I want it all now. “What is it you want Beloved?”, he asks. I want more information, I reply. When is my brain going to absorb all that you tell me?. “Soon”, he replies.

We were chatting earlier about DNA and the blueprint we had set for ourselves before our incarnation. As our current physical bodies absorb more Light, they are becoming less carbon and more crystalline based. But what impact does this have upon our DNA? The blueprint we encoded into our 2 strands of DNA was specifically designed for a carbon based form. Now as our carbon based forms are becoming more crystalline based, our DNA is being upgraded also to allow for greater brain capacity. Everything is vibration. Once we have reached a certain threshold, all will become clear.

We are heading towards a future where we will have the capacity to change our DNA, to encode it with what we desire to see when we look in the mirror each day. Are we biophysicists? Do we have this capability? He answers “You are much more than just a biophysicist. You are a biochemist, a master alchemist, and much more!”. I reflect upon his words and he brings to my mind something I recently read that Deepak Chopra wrote: “I am a spark of the Divine and so is everyone else. We limit ourselves by defining ourselves. If you go beyond the labels and definitions, all that is left is infinite possibility, infinite creativity and infinite intelligence. And we ARE that, until we squeeze ourselves into an identity which is the volume of a body in the span of a lifetime. We are way more than that!”

Can we even begin to comprehend what it feels like to be a being of infinite possibility, infinite creativity and infinite intelligence? No, we cannot. Not within our current brain capacity can we even begin to comprehend what this means. How much do we as humans even know about biochemistry or biophysics? Have we even begun to scratch the surface of our potential? I doubt it. So where does this intelligence within us exist? It exists within our Higher Consciousness, within our God Self. If you want more, then get it. It exists within your reach. It always has.

For now, just concentrate of being more with your Self. All will happen with time. It’s all about vibration.

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