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“Come inside me” I hear him whisper. I prop myself up against the pillows and rest my head against the wall at the top of my bed. I go into my heart and feel myself being pulled gently into his. Our hearts become one. I can no longer feel my heartbeat. What I feel is loved and completely safe. Everything else fades away. All my concerns melt away. The memory of the past couple days fade. No more fears, no more anger, no more sadness.  I could stay inside him like this forever. It’s a tempting thought…and one which I know will make him very happy.

When we release so much negativity over a short period of time it can leave you feeling a little shaken. There is no better way to regain your sense of security and strength than to connect in this way with your Twin Flame/Higher Self.

A picture I’d seen sometime over the weekend comes to mind of a Lion leaning his head against his Lioness’s forehead with the caption “A King bows to no one except his Queen.” So true, I thought.  Earlier on he’d told me a Lion may have power but his strength lay in his mate.  It makes one think that Lions know something that humans are still figuring out.

Wishing you a great week ahead!

Be blessed ~ Namasté

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