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I-Love-You-2013-Images-HD-Wallpaper-1080x675Ever since I can remember, I’ve wanted to be loved. Probably since I was a tiny baby in my Mother’s arms, I’ve wanted her to tell me she loves me. The truth is I don’t think she ever has said these words to me: “I love you my child.” Every time I call her she will tell me to look after myself and sometimes she will add… “love you” as an afterthought, but it’s not the same is it? I long for her to just say the words “I love you!”

When people are uncomfortable with showing affection they will say “love you..”. It’s a whole lot easier than stating “I Love You!” There is something about adding the word “I” into that statement that gives it more meaning; that makes it more personal.

Why are so many people afraid of loving? Is it because they do not love themselves? This is interesting concept because my Mother, who is almost 84, is hugely vain. She will not leave the house unless her hair and make up are perfect. Recently she told me she did not go to the shopping center to do something because her hair was a mess. I reminded her that it does not matter if her hair is a mess, she is perfect anyway! I asked her if she knew that she was not alone. She misunderstood me. I told her that God loves her no matter what she looks like. She replied “Oh yes I know that!”. So then what does it matter if her hair is not perfectly coiffed upon her head?

People will tell me, Oh she’s your Mother, of course she loves you! Yes I know that! But that is not the point is it? The same people have also told me that she did not grow up with parents who told her she was loved. So she cannot express love herself. I want to say that expressing love is a choice you have, and one you make in every moment.

Do you love yourself? Unconditionally I mean? You know….. without judgment, need, requirement etc…. Really loving yourself means accepting yourself just as you are. Without the need to change anything about yourself. This is the way God loves you, so why can you not love yourself back in the same way? And now for the crunch….. Unless you love yourself, you can never really love another. And definitely not unconditionally anyway.

I want to ask my mother one day why she does not just say it, but I am afraid she will get upset with me. So to keep the peace, I keep quiet. I want to ask her to sit in front of the mirror and tell herself over and over again until she believes it “I love you!” Have you ever done that? It is liberating!

God does not see your physical flaws. He/She does not see the lines on your face, or the frizzy hair. God sees the beauty that shines through all of that physical stuff. God sees only the Light shining through your physical body. This Light is Love. The truth of the matter is that you are more beautiful than your current consciousness and your physical eyes can perceive. Love knows no boundary, and shines through every perceived flaw that you imagine yourself to have. Loving your SELF is the first step to enlightenment. Can you look in the mirror and say it?

“I LOVE YOU with all my Heart and Soul!”


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