Archangel Ariel - Spread your wings

It is time to let go of the illusions you have created. They are no longer serving you!”

In the book “Communion with God” by Neale Donald Walsch, God explains the 10 illusions we created in order to support our life in the realm of duality. The illusion that we need something in order to survive here in this realm is the greatest of all the illusions created by man. All the other illusions spring from this one. I have  included this book on the Downloads page if anyone is guided to read it.

The truth is your ego would have you believe that you do need something in order to survive here, but I am telling you different. You need nothing! Why? Because you already have everything! Do you believe me? What if it is true that before you even ask, that which you thought you needed, is supplied?

“I have given you nothing but miracles” ~ another one of God’s promises to humankind. Do you believe Him?

Again I am moved to remind you to let go of your doubts and your fears. It is time to spread your wings and fly! Your doubts and your fears are only holding you back from experiencing the miracles all around you!

Archangel Ariel’s message today is that it is absolutely safe for you to move out of your comfort zone and into the unknown. She wants you to focus upon love and spirit and she will help you to turn your challenges into victories! Ariel is a master manifestor and she will help you manifest your dreams, but you have to let go of the doubts and the fears first.

I know from personal experience this is not easy, but the angels know this also. This morning I heard the words “Do you imagine there is anything I do know know? Do you think there is anything you need that I cannot give you?”

For love is Who You Are, and who you have always been. It is all there ever was, is now, and ever shall be.
You have searched for a truth by which to live your life, and I give it to you here, again.
Be love, My Beloved.
Be love, and your long journey to mastery will be over, even as your new journey to bring others to mastery has just begun. For love is all that you are, all that I am, and all that We were ever meant to be.
So be it. ~ an excerpt from Communion with God by Neale Donald Walsh


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