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Opal butte crystal

This Opal Butte crystal looks like an underwater view of the ocean floor as light shines through it. Opals are known to change color and opacity, depending on whether they are wet or dry.

Many years ago when I came across a book on the Crystal Devas in an esoteric bookshop in Cape Town, South Africa, I felt a great affinity for these beautiful Beings of Light. At the time it never occurred to me that I would be working with them. I had discovered crystals many years before that and always loved them, before I had any idea of their power or their purpose here on Planet Earth.

Crystals are playing an important role in maintaining balance and in assisting Gaia in her Ascension process. Crystals are able to hold high vibrational energy and as such can be used as conduits and portals for the healing energy and Light that comes from All That Is, the Creator and Source of All Consciousness. Many eons ago when Planet Earth was created, crystals were strategically placed within the Earth grid system in order to maintain balance between the forces of dark and light to ensure that Earth never fell prey to the darkness alone, and to work with humanity and other Light Beings to eventually restore Light Consciousness upon the Planet. It was with the help of these precious crystals that the Earth was saved during the destruction of Atlantis.

Crystals have extraordinary qualities also within their energy make-up, and as such can be used for healing purposes by esoteric healers across the Planet. But this is not their only purpose. Crystals are also used by the Crystal Devas to restore balance within the energy body of Gaia,  just like they are used by healers to clear and balance the energy centers or chakras, and restore balance within the emotional, mental, etheric and physical body in humans.

The Crystal Devas are also the Keepers of the crystal deposits on Planet Earth and they control whether or not the huge crystal deposits placed within the Earth grid system are uncovered or not. It is no coincidence that some of these, although few, have been discovered. The most recent being discovered in Naica, Mexico’s Cueva de los Cristales. The Devas hoped that their discovery will lead to humanity realizing that crystals play an important role within the Earth and they are to be left alone and not tampered with. It is planned that the cave will eventually be resealed and water will naturally fill the cave and preserve the crystals.

Selenite "sword", 22.6×2.6×1.6 cm. A small version of the giant crystals, likely found in a natural cavity in the mine. Note the exceptional clarity of the crystal.

Selenite “sword”, 22.6×2.6×1.6 cm. A small version of the giant crystals, likely found in a natural cavity in the mine in Naica, Mexico. Note the exceptional clarity of the crystal.  http://www.wikipedia.org

The Earth Keepers of crystal deposits such as these serve as anchors for the Light and are influencing the fate of these crystals. As a Keeper myself I am assured by the Devas that the deposits found in Naica are safe from being mined for commercial gain.

The use of crystals has gained in popularity over the past couple decades but people are only now discovering their true value. You will begin to notice as your vibration rises that you are able to perceive more and more Light within your crystals. This is because the energy within a crystal can attune itself to your energy and frequency of vibration. As such your crystals can become a valuable aid in assisting you to raise your vibration. Use your crystals to bridge the consciousness between yourself and your Higher Self and ask it to help you feel the vibration of Divine Love. As your vibration rises, so does the vibration in your crystal, ensuring you are exposed to higher and higher frequencies of vibration. Your crystal can play an important role in your Ascension process. It doesn’t matter which type of crystal you choose to use. Choose one that you feel a particular closeness with and you will have chosen the perfect one.

Namasté ♥

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