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archangel-michael-swordHow I Met Archangel Michael

I have been working with Nasrin and the Ascended Masters for many years now and from the very beginning, Archangel Michael has been my constant companion. In fact, at my first channeling session; my first opportunity in this life to connect to the Ascended Masters through Nasrin, it was Archangel Michael that came to speak to me.

I was thrilled when the session began and Nasrin said Archangel Michael has come to talk to you. I had no idea what might happen in a “channeling session.” but the love I felt from Archangel Michael quickly convinced me that this intangible connection was real and profound. Michael was loving and comforting and fully aware that this was my first experience of this type and that I did not know what to expect. He seemed absolutely delighted to speak to me and honored to take me, energetically, on my first journey to experience higher dimensions of reality. He presented himself, not as a superior and vastly more powerful being but as a friend or a buddy, someone who has walked with me in many lifetimes before and has come back to be my guide to discovering this vast inner realm. His words were humbling beyond belief, yet totally exhilarating.

Before we were 2 minutes into the session, Archangel Michael asked me about a ring he said he had brought to me. I was a little confused by this but his description matched a ring that I had purchased nearly 15 years before. Michael told me that this was indeed the ring; and that it was he that had brought it to me so many years before. The ring had two blue Sapphires’ which were the blue of Archangel Michael. When I put the ring on, I could feel it tingle as he charged it for me with his energy.

Archangel Michael said that whenever I needed him, I could turn the ring around and close my fist so that the stones touched the palm of my hand and call out Mich-a-El three times. He promised that he and his Legions would immediately surround me in their Light and protection. I had not worn this ring much up until that point but I never took it off after that.

After my first experience of “channeling” and my initial introduction to Archangel Michael, many sessions with Michael followed, including the three that became this book.

Before I met Michael, through Nasrin, I had known about Angels and Archangels in a very superficial way. I was raised Lutheran and although Angels were discussed, I was not particularly focused or interested in understanding their role. I have to admit, however, that Archangel Michael was always the most familiar and felt the most tangible to me.

Once my connection was made, I developed a relationship with Michael that continues and gets stronger every day. I remember Michael covering me in his Aquamarine Blue Light of Protection and asking me to always invoke his presence and visualize him directly behind me with his Sword of Mercy held over my head. I immediately began this process and feelings of comfort and safety came over me and have stayed since then.

Michael said to me once, “I’ve always got your back.” And he does, somewhat literally because whenever Archangel Michael is called, he takes his position right behind us with his sword over our head.

My Favorite Archangel Michael Story

A few years ago while I lived in Midtown Manhattan, I was having channeling sessions with Nas almost every night with one of the Ascended Masters. This particular project did not directly involve Archangel Michael.

Meanwhile, I had been putting off buying an overcoat for a while. I was working in New York City where acceptable winter work attire is suit and tie with a long overcoat. My job required interacting with corporate executives, so not just any coat would do. It had to be a very respectable one which meant spending more money than I really was able to. I reluctantly made my trip across town to the store that I liked, hoping that I would find what I needed. I looked through all the racks but found nothing that suited me. The ones I liked were way too expensive and the others just didn’t do the job. Somewhat dejected, I told the sales person, “Never mind, I will have to make do with what I have,” and turned to walk to the elevator.

“Wait just a second,” he called to me as he ran back into the stock room. He came out carrying a beautiful long dark blue overcoat. It was a magnificent coat and I could not resist putting it on even though I knew it was way out of my price range. It fit perfectly. A little stunned, I lifted up the sleeve to read the tag. It was priced at a ridiculously low amount, one I could actually afford. I looked up in astonishment. The salesperson told me it had just been returned and they had marked it way down because it had been worn once. I said I’ll take it and walked home overjoyed at my good fortune.

The next day I was traveling to Boston for a meeting. Like most of my trips, I would fly up in the morning and back in the afternoon. It turned out to be a long travel day and finally, by late afternoon, my cab pulled up in front of my apartment building. I jumped out of the cab anxious to be home. By the time I reached the entrance, I discovered that I had left my gloves in the cab which had already disappeared into the swarming mid-town traffic.

I was determined not to miss a beat and strolled immediately to a men’s store down the block to replace the gloves. It was also very much on my mind, as I hurried to the store, that I needed a great scarf to set off my new overcoat. So, I thought, maybe I can use this minor setback as an excuse for getting a new scarf a little sooner than I had expected.

The moment I walked through the door of the store, my eyes went directly to a beautiful blue scarf peeking out from the rack. It was perfect. Over to the leather glove shelf to grab my new gloves and in less than 2 minutes I was on my short walk home with gloves, as if I had never lost them, and a great new scarf to compliment my great new coat.

All the way home I was sending love and prayers to the Ascended Master that Nas and I had been working with that week because I was sure he had assisted me in saving the day and making this shopping task so easy.

A few days later, Nas and I had a session with Archangel Michael. His first words to me were: “With all due respect to the other Masters, that coat and scarf are my colors.” Well I was speechless; I immediately knew Michael had made all of this happen. I was filled with emotion. I felt embarrassed and I felt humbled but I was also filled with great love. Michael had orchestrated this whole thing from the once worn, returned, marked down so I could afford it, overcoat; to having me leave my gloves in the cab so I would go to the store and buy the blue scarf he had picked out for me.

I was teary eyed that he cared enough to plan all these events so that I could have that great coat and scarf, far beyond my means, in his signature blue color. I feel Michael’s energy engulf me whenever I wear that coat and scarf.

These are precious moments for us and for the Ascended Masters. If we let them, they can actually participate in our day to day comings and goings; feeling our joy and our disappointments in dealing with this dense world while we strive to grow spiritually. These incidents make all life’s hardships disappear, leaving only their love and joy in our companionship to bathe in.

An excerpt from the eBook Journey to Higher Dimensions with Archangel Michael – Written by James Foster and available from http://www.nasrinsafai.com/angels/archangel-michael/