sunday musingsI was all ready to settle down and relax for the afternoon when I got words and phrases popping into my head…..okay I get it….I am being prompted to blog. This prompting comes from my Higher Self, my Beloved Twin Flame. Today I am being inspired to remind you that you come from the Realm of the Absolute where ALL is perfection, ALL is magnificent, ALL is Divine, ALL is Love.

Humans spend so much of their precious energy on trying to make everything perfect, including themselves, when there is no need for this. I am being asked to remind you to embrace that which makes you (in your mind) less than perfect. I’m talking specifically to women now, especially those that are concerned with their little ‘flaws’ of so called imperfection. Why on Earth would you want to change that which is already, in the eyes of the Divine, absolutely PERFECT?

Changing your perception of something can change your experience of it. I read an email this morning from a special friend who reminded me that you can receive a great gift even if your job involves wearing a clown suit and handing out candies to children. Why? Because you are bringing a child some joy and that is a GIFT.

I’m being asked to share this card with you today and a short message from my Beloved Archangel Sandalphon: “We Angels bring you gifts from your Creator. Open your arms to receive.”

Archangel Sandalphon - Gifts from GodIn this card we are reminded that Life is a Gift! Embrace it as a gift, and ignore the little imperfections you see in and around you. Accept and love your self for everything that you already ARE and everything you choose to BE, for there is no-thing else left for you to DO. Be care free and silly once in a while, dance in the rain, sing in the shower, smell the flowers after the rain, wear a gorilla suit, eat cream cake and bacon, not because you think its fattening, but because you can!! That is WHY life is a GIFT. You get to DO and BE that which you cannot ordinarily DO and BE in the realm of the Absolute.

So open your arms to receive this Gift of Life now. It is a Gift from your Creator. It is your birthright and it is given to you with so much love.  My message to you today is that this gift is already yours….♥


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