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violetflameI wanted to share a quick personal story with you today. As most of you know I am in constant contact with my Twin Flame/Higher Self and he has been my rock during this transition, always supporting me, guiding me with an endless source of patience and unconditional love. I have not had an easy time of it over the past 2/3 months and I think the last full moon and new moon have been the worst experiences for me so far during 2013. With his help I was able to clear all of my own discordant energy I’d accumulated during this incarnation.

Yesterday he told me As a Lightworker, I am helping to clear most of the negative energies in this city ~ Mexico City. A city of 22 million people. I have not been conscious of this, except to say that I have felt so much anger, so much pain, sadness and hopelessness that I thought was my own. He told me that very little of what I feel is my own. He also told me that throughout most of this lifetime I’ve been clearing this negative energy for Gaia. This is something I do with Michael, not alone.

Today I have noticed that my mood is much lighter and I feel happier and freer in this moment than I have in a long time. I remarked on this to my Twin and he told me to think back to what I did this morning. During my morning meditation with him I blanketed the entire city in the Violet Flame and asked that it transmute all darkness into light and transmute all negative energy in the hearts and minds of all souls incarnate here. Usually I do this for the entire planet, but today I decided to concentrate of the city alone. And I’ve noticed a big difference!

Michael told me not to worry about the planet, to only concentrate on this city, as this is where my light is needed now. He also told me that we will not be doing this for much longer, not in my current form anyway. He said the time is fast approaching when Lightworkers who are fully ascended will be doing this with their counterparts for the entire planet.

He mentioned to me today that my incarnation is almost over, but that my reality (lifetime) here will continue. It took me 2 minutes to understand what he meant. Earlier I posted on Facebook how jubilant I feel about life right now, and he told me he feels my joy also! He said if I could maintain my current mood, I would ascend sooner than expected. I asked him how I could do that. He suggested to me to invoke the Violet Flame every couple hours during the day to clear negative energy and to do it at least once during the night. He told me I would sleep much easier if I do this.

I hope my story inspires you to use the Violet Flame in your own city/environment. Use it often, not just once a day. It will change your life and the lives of those around you. Just a note though ~ when you do this, do it whilst you are within your Sacred Heart and it becomes more powerful. I asked Michael to explain how it becomes more powerful when invoked this way and he said “Because you are working with Me.”


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