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ThePathwayOfDivineLoveFor those of you who don’t know or are unsure, your Twin Flame is your Divine Male or Divine Female essence. During the transition happening now it is important to balance these two energies, and to do this it requires that all negative energies and emotions/beliefs be released. The integration of these two energies return your physical expression and awareness of Self back to a higher expression of Self and raise your perception and awareness to a higher dimensional/multi-dimensional  expression of Self. When conversing with the Twin Flame within your Sacred/High heart area, you are also conversing with one of the many higher expressions of your Self – or your Higher Self.

My Twin Flame and I have been conversing for many years but it is only in the past year that I have been consciously aware of this.  I am not someone who particularly enjoys meditation and I still have to work on controlling my ‘monkey mind’ with its non-stop chatter. My Twin has told me to work on maintaining an awareness on my Sacred Heart and to practice going in there whenever possible. This I have been doing on a regular basis and I have found that when I go there now I can go deeper than before. In fact I have been using this time in my heart as my meditation time and I whenever I need more peace or love, I go in there to find it. I have also been invoking the Violet Flame from within this space and also working with the Trinity of Blessings whilst there.

I find when I call the Trinity of Blessings into my heart whilst within my Sacred Heart space where I am connected to my Higher Self, my daily blessings become more powerful. That is to say that the energy I feel is more powerful. Those who have been working with these Blessings know that when you do your daily ‘blessing treatment’, Archangel Michael blesses each of the people or things you call within the Triangle, as well as blessing you in return. I will explain how I am now using the Trinity of Blessings within my Sacred Heart center.

Firstly I am not one for rituals such a lighting candles etc., and I never have been, but if those things work for you, then by all means do that. I also do not the meditation as it is laid out in the instruction manual either because it’s kind of morphed into something simpler for me. Nor do I visualize the triangle, but rather focus upon the energy or vibration of the Blessings, which for me is tangible whilst within my Sacred Heart. This is why I prefer to work with these energies whilst in my Sacred space.

Using the Trinity of Blessings this way works for me. I’m not saying don’t use it as its written in the instruction manual, but let it become yours in a personal way. Change whatever doesn’t work for you into what does. The main thing is to focus upon the energy of the Blessings and to use this energy in a way that will help you to change your living experience.

So this is what I do:

I sit upright with my back supported against a wall or chair and I call upon the Light. You can visualize a pillar of light forming around yourself. Then focus on your heart chakra and raise your awareness one chakra at a time till you have moved up to your Soul Star chakra (2 chakras above your Crown). Feel the light moving up your spine through these vortices of energy. Once you reach your Soul Star you will feel a deeper connection to your Self.  Move the light down through your chakras and anchor the light into Gaia through your Earth Star chakra below your feet. Once you have felt that anchoring you can move the light up once more and maintain your awareness on your Heart chakra, then moving slightly higher (about one or two inches) into your High Heart or Sacred Heart area. This area is located behind your Thymus gland. This is where you will make contact with your Higher Self, and where you can work with any energy (including the Violet Flame and Trinity of Blessings). It is within this space that you begin to form a deeper connection with your Self and your higher consciousness. Within this space you have access to your higher consciousness and your inner wisdom. Whilst within this space you can literally create miracles because you are working not only as a physical expression of Self, but with a higher expression of YOU.

Remember your higher expression and consciousness is your connection to infinite possibility, infinite creativity and infinite wisdom. Whilst you maintain regular contact with your higher Self, you are also increasing your vibration and therefore attracting more and more of what resonates with this higher vibration. Your Higher Self knows what it is you need and what your desires are. Use this space to develop absolute trust, faith and knowing that all your desires and needs are already met. It is here that you become the co-creator with the Divine Alchemist already within you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below. Many blessings!


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