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solstice energiesToday is the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse. It’s big and it’s powerful and it is calling us to task. The power of the Full Moon actually accentuates the power of the Eclipse. As you know, we have been increasing in energetic intensity for most of this year. It’s like our Souls are saying, “No more waiting for a big event to happen to you; make the choice and make it now!” It may feel as though you’re being forced to make changes, especially for those who have been of the old mindset that Ascension happens to them; that it’s some magical event that happens without having to lift a finger. This is mythical, illusory thinking. We are sovereign beings; we’re not puppets and life doesn’t happen to us. We have created it all. If one has not done the work of releasing old beliefs, patterns and people, including jobs that hold us in the old, this will be a very tough passage. It’s challenging enough for those who have been doing the work. It’s a clarion call to really step up and release more and deeper.

It may feel as though so much is disintegrating and it is! And we are being asked to keep balanced as Soul takes its rightful place as us. The Balance that is taking place is that of Soul and ego; that of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual congruency, and the Balance of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. When we began in earnest on our Ascension path, the Divine Feminine led the charge, for we had been way too affected by the old masculine paradigm; it had to go. So we moved away from push/pull, duality, making things happen, being victimized by our thoughts and old behaviors, giving our power away and being controlled through fear and intellect.

We shifted into the Divine Feminine paradigm of feeling, allowing, intuiting, nurturing, forgiving and letting go. Now it is time we embrace and empower both; not the old paradigm of the dark masculine, but that of the enlightened Divine Masculine, which is about taking action based on guidance and intuition from the Heart, supporting our upgrade of being spiritually sovereign, of honoring, loving and a new way of Being. Together, we reach Wholeness and Unity and realize that our Twin Flame isn’t “out there;” it’s within.

This Eclipse ushers in this Balance, along with a deeper level of commitment to our Ascension and to the empowerment of our sovereignty; that we have our answers; that we are our own healers and teachers; and that we are powerful. As we commit to our evolution, we release those old weak, victim little selves. We may find that anger and even rage is up for us, whether feeling that within or seeing it in others. We need to see what still is wanting to be completed. And we simply cannot sweep anything under the rug…there cannot be anything hidden or secret; your energetic vibration lets everyone know who you are and you know who others are; not by their words or even actions, but by their energy.

During this Eclipse, you could also be feeling lots of resistance (possibly the anger you could be feeling). The resistance comes up when you feel that life is unfair, not going the way you want it to (separate ego) and that you can’t see what more you can release. You may feel doubtful about your path, your life, yourself and if Ascension is even real. So move out of resistance into Acceptance of whatever you are judging as right or wrong and keep moving. You can also release it and any other lower emotion in the Sacred Rose. There may be resistance to moving out of your comfort zone and realize that it’s O.K. to feel empty and lost, for that will shift once you accept what is.

The Eclipse can bring up emotions like powerlessness and worry that you’re not doing enough or being enough. You might want to either give up or push through. Don’t do either. Giving up is a subtle form of victim energy and powerlessness. Pushing through is the energy of the old way of doing things. Rather, surrender to the present moment, meditate,  and call on your Soul and Guidance for a little help and ease. You can ask in which area of life is holding you back and what is in the subconscious that is till blocking your progress. Expect a deep emotional release that holds you to whatever illusion you’re still attached to.

Realize that this Eclipse is also an initiation into a higher state of Being. Let it be, even while you are experiencing some deep emotional reactions, which is resistance. These reactions can be grief, sadness/depression, anger, insecurity, loss, etc. Be the Compassionate Observer as you experience these emotions (emotions mean out of motion; out of the Flow: e-motion). As you allow them to surface, ask to see the root belief that is still within and then release the emotion and the belief.

This is a time of a huge leap forward in commitment or a time of such huge resistance to moving forward that you get sick or extremely depressed. This is a time of such profound change if you allow it. This is a time to be true to yourself in all areas of life. It’s a time when you can take a great leap forward in Love. If there is anything to let go of and forgive, this Eclipse energy helps you get in touch with it. This is a powerful time for Ceremony, as it aligns your energy with Flow. The form of the Ceremony doesn’t matter; the intention does. So let it be guided. When you do it doesn’t matter, as this is an eclipse cycle and it culminates with a Solar Eclipse in a few weeks.

We are still preparing. Who could know it would take so long? And yet, all is occurring for our highest evolution. If it happened all at once it would overwhelm us and push us over the edge, so be grateful that we are given the time to acclimate to each shift upward. And we are doing this all according to our individual Soul Plan. Some are experiencing the wondrous New Life; some are struggling and some simply are not choosing to move forward. We do not know how this all ends (of course, it doesn’t end) and there is purpose in that…it keeps us in the Moment, which is the only place to Be. So let go of the question of “How much longer will this take?” Or “When does this end?” Just know and trust that wherever you are is perfect for you. Let go of any timetable; for truly, there is no time; time is human-made. And let go of comparing yourself with anyone else.

Do know that we are definitely in a new phase of expansion and this Eclipse helps propel us to the next phase. As you observe your life, you definitely can see how much life has shifted and how you are not the same person you were even a year ago. Allow yourself to Be; if you are experiencing pain, find what you are resisting and let it go. Each time you let go, you are instantly filled with more Light and Love.

This Eclipse is an opportunity to expand into more Love; more Balance; and more Truth, especially as you absolutely know that you are an ascending master. This Eclipse will help you be in more Balance and show where you are not. Through this you will tap into greater creative expression and the Freedom to be authentically You! Be Compassion with yourself and others.