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angels-angels-30965603-1440-900The other day I was overcome with sadness and with tears streaming down my face I asked the angels “How do you do this? How do you persevere and hope that one day they will listen to you?” And the angels said to me “Welcome to our world Beloved One.”

By nature I want to fix everything for everyone. I want to eradicate their sadness and pain and I want to end their suffering. This is who I am. But people have free will and always will have. You can guide them, love them, bless them and hope that one day they will choose to end their suffering of their own free will. That is all you can ever do. Perseverance, compassion and great amounts of unconditional love is what it takes to serve others.

I ask “Why do we do this?” And the angel said to me “It is our chosen path. It is what brings us our greatest joy. We cannot end the suffering of others, but we can comfort them and give them our love and offer them our guidance whenever they ask for it, and pray the one day they will listen.”

Angels are all around you. Just because you cannot see them, doesn’t mean they are not there. If you could perceive what your eyes cannot see, you will be astounded. You are never alone. The angels are forever by your side, offering you their comfort and their love. Have you ever felt the touch of a feathery kiss on your cheek or the fragrance of roses where no roses can be found? This is your angels letting you know they are near. Have you ever found the perfect feather next to your bedside or a coin or two on the sidewalk? That too is the work of your angels. They never tire, and they never cease to love, support and guide you.

They know that one day people will remember the words whispered in their ears, and  they will decide to end their pain and suffering and stand once more in their power. On that day the angels will be jubilant and they’ll cry tears of joy! They will be grateful they never gave up. Perseverance pays, yes it does.

To all the Earth Angels out there ~ never give up! You are loved and blessed for the work that you do. To all the Heavenly Angels ~ Thank you for supporting us! We are forever grateful for your infinite understanding and unconditional love ♥ ♥


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