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14-FAVIO_+Portal+to+the+Universe-BlueToday (11/11) we have yet another powerful Gateway. We have been building up to it and as I have said before, each portal, gateway and eclipse is more intense than the one before. This Gateway is further empowered by incredible solar activity with another major flare occurring yesterday. Remember that our sun receives communication (Light) from our Galactic Sun, so each time there is a flare from our own sun, we are receiving Soul Codes of Light from the Galactic Sun along with all higher dimensional energies.

As we welcome the energies of this Gateway to weave through our chakras and our bodies (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual), we are asked to stand in our Power and speak our Truth, and when (if) you are challenged by others who want  you to return to being small and back to your old role, stand firm. You are being asked to take a step further into your dream, rather than wait for some magical moment that may never come. You are asked to move through your fear, remembering that fear is an illusion created by separate ego. When you recognize it, walk through it anyway and in this way, the fear dissolves (as all illusion does) and you tap into your Power as a Spiritual Sovereign Being. As long as you stop at the precipice of your fear, you will not evolve. This Gateway of 11:11 offers you the support to walk through the fear and more and more into New Life. As you do, you merge more with Soul; your true identity; gain in Strength and make changes that lead you to your next step of evolution/ascension.

Know that your thoughts; any thoughts whether positive or negative; are extremely powerful and create. Ask yourself what it is you want to create. Do you want to create more of the same duality or do you want to empower a life of Unity and Divinity? Know too that many will be gathered today in the unification of One Voice and One Heart. You needn’t be in a group to make a difference, for by focusing on the highest aspiration you have for yourself and the planet, you are joining that One Voice and One Heart, for indeed we are One.

If you have found yourself in the Void, where it appears that you are at a standstill, know first of all that you are not standing still. The Void is a powerful place to release and to energize your ideal life. Much of the past has risen for a final let-go in Forgiveness and Love. Many secrets have been revealed, especially in families and we see that family members who do not understand what is happening may pass, get sick or act out of fear. Observe and Be Love and Compassion. You needn’t “try” to get them to understand, for each has a chosen path.

Realize that all portals that have opened this year and previous years are open…all over the world, receiving Light. They all are connected through the leylines of the New Earth Grid. It is like a cosmic pinball machine. And we’re a part of it. When this Gateway opens, even more Earth portals open, including our own becoming more powerful and thereby aligned with Soul. It is especially helpful to keep your own personal Vortex or Merkabah active and open and set on the “receive button.” Perhaps you can visualize having an on and off switch. Switch it on and keep it there all day and beyond, if you choose. Intend that the flow of Light coming into you is gentle yet thorough.

11:11 is for Ceremony. Allow yourself to be guided in this. The more details you add, the more you empower your connection to the Gateway. Remember too that we are joined by our Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters, for elevens are the numbers when the Angels are present. Some suggestions for Ceremony (it’s best to follow your own Guidance): Bathe your favorite and guided crystals in the sun tomorrow before Noon. Then arrange a crystal grid (you’ll be guided in this). Light a candle (or several), clear your space with some sage, bless the space with sacred water like Rose water or Crystalline water (I have some crystals in pure water on my Altar and this creates Crystalline Water) and set your intention as to what you are creating. Go into a meditation where you see yourself stand before the 11:11 Gateway. The Gateway is flanked by beings of the Divine Light and Love. When ready, walk through the Gateway to the New Earth. There may be one Divine Partner that walks through with you. Afterward, write down your experience, for writing anchors the energy.

Do know that the Truth is we are in the New. And with each cosmic event, we integrate this Truth into our being. Our job is to continue to release anything that is not Love within ourselves and to see that all is in Divine Order for your highest evolution. So this creating the New has taken us further into it one step at a time. While many have experienced the intensity of this time, it actually has been quite gentle from a higher perspective. What if we didn’t have choice and we were in the old world one day and found ourselves in the New World the next day? Do you think we would survive that? And how we experience our Shift is to the degree that we can let go and not resist the changes and guidance to change. Resistance creates pain and that is not the intention of the higher dimensions.

This 11:11 Gateway will do much, especially if you align with it, to expand your Awareness and consciousness. You might wonder how much more Awareness and consciousness you can have! You’re unlimited in this. And as Awareness and consciousness expands, you see what still needs to be released and upgraded, and thus your life is more congruent with your Soul-life. Many are still clinging to the old ways of being. And believing only what they see is of the old. In the New, there is an expansion into something we’re not familiar with. Many feel lost and so cling to the old fervently to give themselves some sort of illusory balance; and yet, that holds them back in the old and in duality. To be in the New takes great Trust. We are reminded by those high dimensional beings that there is much more beyond our Earthly experience. This is why it is so important to not attach to what it looks like, but to go beyond it and feel the Truth behind the surface event or words. In this way, we tap into the true energy of that event or those words. As we feel, rather than think, our way through this shift, we are led to our highest evolution.

And this, Dear Ones, is how this 11:11 Gateway can help you. It is a powerful surge forward. With this Gateway we are lifted into new spaces and will burst through the clouds of illusion and into the New more powerfully…and then we have a rest as the energies integrate. How far you go is up to you. The ones who are just beginning or not yet awake are helped by those of you who hold true to your Light. We cannot tell another how to do it, yet by shining our own Light and encouraging them, if asked, to go within and find their own Light is truly the way of the Ascension Wayshower.

May we all be profoundly blessed and gently guided in this most powerful time.