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ScreenHunter_03 Sep. 26 18.31My Soul now remembers Itself. It knows who I AM. It knows its Origins. It knows itself as a Be-ing of Divine Love and it keeps reminding me, I AM THAT, I AM. But every now and again, my human mind falls prey to its ego. This is usually triggered by something, or someone. This negative energy quickly draws to itself any negative energy lurking in the vicinity. The negative energy clumps together and soon I am trapped. I feel as though I have lost my mind. Literally. The feeling of bliss that I felt 10 minutes ago becomes null and void. I have given my ego free reign. It lashes out at my Soul. It denounces who I AM. It denounces Love. It convinces me I am not THAT.  I descend into the depths of despair as I continue to allow my ego its torment of my mind. I feel powerless. I have become once more a victim of negative energy.

My Soul tries to reach me, but I ignore it. I become stubborn. I refuse to release the negative energy. My Soul doesn’t give up. I feel a surge of love go through my body and it feels so good. I know my Soul loves me. Its love is unconditional. It’s an amazing thing this kind of love. I know I will be welcomed back Home into my Soul’s loving embrace. There will be no judgment. Only Love and the relief of having me back. I cannot live without this love anymore. How I used to in the past, I will never understand. But once you have experienced this love, it is impossible to live without. All I have to do is go within. Go into my Heart, and my Soul will be there, waiting for me.

I allow myself to go there. I am filled with Love. My Soul helps me to release the negative energy.  I AM renewed once more.

Such is the power of unconditional Divine Love. It can heal, and change anything. No matter how impossible a situation may become, or how difficult something may seem, it has no power over Unconditional Love. Love will always be triumphant. The more you allow yourself to BE Love, the less you will fall prey to negative energy.  Therefore surrender to Love. Surrender to the Light and become once more the Be-ing of Divine LOVE that you truly ARE. Release all that is not Love because all that is NOT love belongs to a world that no longer exists, except within the confines of your ego mind.

BE Love ♥ BE Blessed ♥


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