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Image ~ The Forgotten Land of Lemuria (www.gen-game.com)

Image ~ The Forgotten Land of Lemuria (www.gen-game.com)

If you’ve ever felt a tingle when you hear the word Lemuria,or even if you have a curiosity in the long lost Continent of our Motherland, then this is your awakening DNA calling you to Remember Who You Truly Are – a Multidimensional Being of Light.

Yet, locked within in, in each one of your 3 trillion cells is a memory —  an emotional energy that holds the cellular memory of the Sinking of Lemuria.

The Arcturians via Dr. Suzanne Lie, say it’s important to now remember this Sinking, so we can transmute and free these emotions in order to create our New Earth:

“Remembering is not an action; it is a stillness of body,

mind and spirit. Also, our beloved Lemurian one, in order

to remember our inner world, you must go through the

memory of the destruction of our topside continent.

This memory is not one to which any of us wish to return.

However, through the darkness is the light.”

Scroll down to read a portion of this message from the Arcturians.
(Download the PDF – The Sinking of Lemuria on this page)

Please join us this SATURDAY, NOV. 16th as we Journey Back to Lemuria to Remember the Sinking. The Arcturians will channel a message to Dr. Sue and then lead us into a Guided Meditation to heal this cellular memory:

Online Healing Retreat – Shift to a 5th Dimensional Paradigm
Journey Back to Lemuria with Dr. Suzanne Lie
Saturday, Nov. 16th
Time: 11am Pacific / Noon Mountain / 1pm Central / 2pm Eastern / 6pm GMT
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