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Those of you who have ever tried to manifest money will know that first and foremost it is important to let go of any fears, doubts and limiting beliefs you have around the energy of money. As is true for all energy, the energy of money is free flowing. Energy is constantly  moving and changing form, and the energy of money is no different. Once you have let go of all limiting beliefs and thoughts around manifesting this energy into your reality, money will start to flow towards you. There is a little something you should bear in mind though with this energy. The Universe flows with abundance in all things, and money is no exception. You are to take what you need and pass along the rest to those who are less fortunate than yourself.

My lesson

A couple days ago I set out to buy something small at the pharmacy, but found myself en-route to the supermarket store instead. On the sidewalk in front of me I found a neatly folded 50 peso note. It’s happened before that I’ve found money when I’ve been desperately needing it, but never as much as 50 pesos! I looked around to see if there was anyone who may have just dropped it, but strangely there was no one around. I asked Michael if it belonged to someone who needed it, and he told me that it did not. I picked it up and held it for a moment or two before slipping it into my purse. Immediately I had visions of buying something to eat to save myself the drudgery of cooking. For some reason I walked an extra two blocks that afternoon simply because I felt I could use the exercise and at the same time I could soak up the trees and greenery around me. I spotted a man walking towards me that looked a bit bedraggled  and as though he needed a good meal. He was munching on a dry bread roll which he held in one hand and in the other, he held onto a bag which probably contained all that he owned. I ignored the subtle urge to give him the 50 pesos and continued on to the store. Once at the store I decided to buy my supper after all because didn’t the Universe just give me the money to do just that? So I did and set off back home. The food was terrible! Disgusting in fact.  Then today at the street market I was again presented with the opportunity to give someone the money. I dug in my purse and gave the lady some coins instead. Later it occurred to me that I could have given her the 50 peso note which I am sure is still there in my purse, all neatly folded in half. Michael asked me why that 50 peso note was now so important to me, and I answered “because it contained a certain energy…” Then the realization dawned! I had been tested and I’d failed the test miserably!

“Oh my God! I failed your test.”

“No, it was not a test” Michael said, “It was a lesson for you.”

I already knew what he would say before he said it. “You will learn that you can become a conduit through which the energy of money flows. You will learn never to ignore your intuition. It is always guiding you. It is the voice of your Soul.”

“I know, I am sorry..”

“It is okay. Tomorrow is another day.”

A conduit for money… I’d never quite realized that is what we are. We are conduits for all energy. We are to take what we need and pass along the rest to those in need. Those are Michael’s words also, channeled in an article I’d read sometime during the week. We are able now to be a conduit for anything once connected to our Higher Selves. Whether it be the energy of love, peace or money. Energy cannot be held on to. It needs to flow. Take what you need and pass along the rest to someone else in need.

I didn’t need that 50 pesos and I still don’t. The Universe had presented me with a couple people who did though, and I had ignored the subtle urge to pass it along. I am grateful for the lesson I’ve learned today. I am grateful that on Tuesday there is another street market and I pray the Universe will give me another chance to prove I can be a conduit for the energy of money.


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