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how-to-work-with-a-pendulumSome of you may wish to start working with a pendulum to obtain simple yes/no answers to questions you have for your Higher Self/Soul/Twin Flame.

When you have reached this decision, and it feels ‘right’ to go this route, then make it your intention to find the perfect pendulum with which to establish a connection. I recommend that you go with a clear quartz pendulum that you can wear around your neck, preferably one that will lie against your heart/high heart area of your chest. Wearing your pendulum will ensure that it becomes and stays attuned to only your energy. A clear quartz is highly recommended because this is a powerful crystal to use as a portal into the higher realms. A clear quartz will also form a force field around its wearer that protects against and repels negative energy.

In order to establish a clear connection it is necessary to release all negative energy within your energy body. Please be willing to release all negative or discordant energy before attempting to establish a connection.

The next and most important thing to do is to ask Archangel Michael to bless and clear your pendulum before using it. Then you are ready to go ahead and start using your pendulum.

Ask the pendulum to show you what a ‘Yes’ and what a ‘No’ answer looks like so that you know how to interpret the answer you receive. Your pendulum may swing up and down for a ‘Yes’ answer and across or sideways for a ‘No’ answer. Once you have established how each will be shown to you, thank your crystal. Remember crystals have consciousness.

The pendulum is your conduit or channel into the higher realms. It can be used to establish a connection with your Higher Self. It is important to note that when you ask a question, you are NOT asking the pendulum, but your Higher Self. The pendulum is the medium, not the channeler.

Your Higher Self/Soul is always with you and awaits your connection. When the time is right, you will be prompted to make this connection. Trust plays a role here, because if you have any fears and doubts that you are speaking with and to your higher consciousness, then you will receive a wrong answer. Therefore release all doubts and fears and allow yourself to build a trust relationship with your Higher Self. Your Higher Self has only unconditional love for you, and it will do anything to make your life easier for you.


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