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Photo ~ Nasa

Photo ~ Nasa

So here I am back now to step up and assist my beloved Twin Flame, the Lady Amethyst, who again chose an earthly incarnation, the former being in the time of Jesus, which was both a stimulation and painful period. Yet, this time even more important now that we are facing the great EVENT!
Therefore, although I chose to be me who incarnated in this time that is NOW, in our life contract , we have chosen to let the Lady Amethyst announce her presence first, and she is now at the beginning of the fifth dimension . My incarnation begins thus to get ready to take on her duties as the incarnated Archangel Zadkiel. Just as we agreed upon. Until that moment is here I’d love to share my part with my beloved Lady Amethyst. Because we are each other’s Divine halves and whole as halves, it means that Lady Amethyst is as much me as I am Lady Amethyst. As Archangels we also share both male and female energies. Same-sex twin flames have made a more equitable distribution of either male or female energy among themselves. We are all sovereign beings and it matters not what sex , what color or size we are . ALL are needed in this whole. If we see this as a work example,
think how the workplace would look like if no one cleaned… We as Light workers are cleaners here on Gaia. We help this planet with energetic cleaning. The dark hats are now desperate as we all notice , because it is now the final stage of their illusory power. They try in every way to keep everything they had. They also feel as cheated as you might do. Why then, you might ask? Well, they have just realized what they have put so much effort and commitment into, was not for themselves. They have, in other words, worked for US. Since we are in such a high energetic frequencies, it’s a NOW question as to when we get to access it ALL. We can also tell you that you already work training . Groups in social media work the same as we do in our Motherships, but before we dare let you run our ships, you must balance your groups by increasing your gaze to the sky and breathe in the energies for the big event approaching. Some of you may already see foreplay. The 23/11 brings a portal opening, which releases energies that can accelerate the EVENT!

Are you ready?
Have you released your limitations for your ego and fear?
Do you dare to be yourself to the fullest?
Do you focus on your heart?

If you haven’t met your twin flame yet, do so through meditation, which is always recommended in the beginning, because your frequencies will need to be adjusted to each other. Make intimate contact anyway so that no love is missing anymore between you.

But before you can have a loving relationship, you need to love yourself first, because your twin flame is a part of you, so if you don’t love yourself, you can’t love your other Divine half.
We ask you to participate in large meditations which initiates it.
The wait is over and now it’s time for you to begin your practical work to build our home, Paradise on Earth.

You don’t need to search anymore… When you look around, you see the first, second and the third dimension.
When you close your eyes , you see the fourth and fifth dimension and ALL above.

My Beloved, I, Zadkiel and my Divine feminine half, Lady Amethyst, love you endlessly.

Copyright© 2013 by Rositha Bohlin. English translation: Sebaztian Herrera. Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.